/ Cloud Computing and BI Market Study (2017)

Cloud Computing and BI Market Study (2017)

Dresner Advisory Services

When it comes to cloud computing, many companies are still on the fence about investing. But a study conducted by Dresner Advisory Services shows more and more are adopting cloud solutions for their businesses. In fact, the majority of respondents indicated actively increasing spend for either private or public cloud solutions, citing benefits such as lower cost, easier maintenance, scalability, and accessibility as their main reasons for adoption, as well as four features they require before investing in a solution:

  • Ad-hoc query capabilities.
  • Advanced visualizations and customized dashboards.
  • Self-service analytics across the organization.
  • Faster, more accurate reporting capabilities.

Download the study to find out more about how cloud computing is changing the way businesses approach BI.

Topics Covered In This Report:

  • Analysis & trends of business intelligence users
  • Cloud business intelligence requirements
  • Cloud business intelligence architecture
  • Cloud business intelligence security
  • Third-Party cloud BI data connectors
  • Industry & vendor analysis
  • Cloud business intelligence vendor ratings

Cloud Computing and BI Market Study (2017)