Simplify data management and get actionable intelligence faster with Snowflake and Domo

Eliminate data silos, streamline data ingestion, and access powerful analytical and visualization tools to free up resources and democratize data access for enhanced collaboration and decision making across your business.

Snowflake + Domo

Connect and Enrich Data

Enrich Snowflake’s data foundation through Domo’s native Snowflake integration, Cloud Amplifier, and with over a thousand purpose-built data connectors designed to unify data in Snowflake regardless of source or format.

Prepare Data for Analysis

Quickly clean, filter, and modify data through robust drag-and-drop ETL tools that make it simple for anyone to prepare and transform data for modeling and analysis.

Turn Insights Into Action

Visualize and explore data through intuitive analytics, BI tools, and low-code applications accessible to all users at no cost. Show timely value and data actionability in Snowflake in one seamless user experience.

Build a modern data cloud platform that empowers data-driven decision making at all levels

Domo Cloud Amplifier is a native integration that unlocks the value of the Snowflake Data Cloud, adding the flexibility and speed business users require, with the security and governance that IT demands. It overcomes challenges that can delay or impair the effective business use of data.

Do More with Domo

Faster Decisions

Cloud Amplifier puts low-code and pro-code tools in the hands of business users and their data specialists, so they can make decisions while they’re relevant.

Single Source of Truth

Unite data across your entire ecosystem for a single source of truth, boost organizational agility, and enable everyone to add value with data-driven insights at scale.

Business & IT Synergy

Vocabularies, tools, and preferences between IT administrators and business users vary and are difficult to communicate across departments. With Cloud Amplifier, business users can connect, transform, and use data quickly, while still maintaining IT’s need for security and governance.

Flexibility and Control

Connect to all your data sources, such as third-party reports and databases, social-media feeds, custom user spreadsheets, and more. Cloud Amplifier connects with the Snowflake foundation, securely and under IT governance.

How it Works


Use Domo’s suite of cloud connection tools to ingest directly into your Snowflake cloud, complementing your existing ingestion architecture.

Integrate natively with Snowflake by leveraging our bi-directional, Cloud Amplifier federated integration framework, optimized and tuned specifically for Snowflake.


Use Domo's Magic transformation UI to leverage Snowflake compute for robust transformations without moving your data.

Make data transformation accessible to business user with Domo's drag-and-drop data transformation tools.


Extend your data governance strategy with Domo by honoring the permissions and policies set within your Snowflake instance to track how Snowflake is being used.

Monitor how Snowflake data is being used to improve workload management, data operations, versioning, and certifications.


Create visualizations from your Snowflake data and empower business users to create their own.

Build intelligent apps and discover new ways to provide data to your business for better decision-making.

Data Integration and Analytics

More than 1,000 connectors and a powerful low-code/no-code ETL toolkit allows you to integrate data from virtually any source into Snowflake as usable data for business analysis.

Easy-to-share visualizations, timely alerts, relevant insights, and flexible AI-powered data experiences create a data-driven culture based on Snowflake’s foundation.

App Creation

Low-code to pro-code app creation tools to build business apps, empowering more users to act on insights, automate workflows, and drive results.

Access your visualizations and apps from your computer, tablet, or device—anytime, any place.

“Domo’s commitment to helping Snowflake mobilize the world’s data can be seen through the expanded functionality offered within the Snowflake Data Cloud. The ability to leverage Domo’s Magic ETL capabilities on Snowflake will enable joint customers to drive deeper value from Snowflake’s Data Cloud ecosystem. By partnering with Domo, users can access data-driven insights easily and intuitively through Snowflake’s platform.”

Tarik Dwiek | Head of Technology Alliances

Data Integrity and Cloud Scale

Keep data in Snowflake, reducing the need to move and transform data across different tools and sources.

Native cloud architecture scales automatically alongside Snowflake Data Cloud to create a unified data ecosystem.

Security and Control

Robust security tools protect sensitive data with OAuth authentication and 2FA, SSO, BYOK encryption for consistent, end-to-end security and governance.

Experience Domo for Snowflake

Snowflake’s Partner Connect Portal

Domo is an official listed partner on Snowflake’s Partner Connect Program. If you are an existing Snowflake customer, you can start your Domo experience by signing up for a free Domo trial account with limited data.

Try the Domo + Snowflake Native Integration

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