Domo + Snowflake

Maximize the value of Snowflake with Domo.

With Domo, you can quickly and securely connect data from any source to your Snowflake cloud data warehouse, providing self-service access to real-time data and delivering true value to the bottom line.

Get more from Snowflake with Domo

The best of Snowflake and Domo.

One unified view.

Domo’s data connectors make it possible to bring data from disparate cloud platforms and legacy on-premise systems into Snowflake for a single, unified view across your business.

Go from insight to action.

Connect to your Snowflake data and get it in the hands of all employees so everyone can take immediate action on insights, with real-time data at their fingertips.

Connect instantly using data federation.

With Domo’s federated data access, your data lives in Snowflake but is made available for live queries
from Domo.

Connect instantly using data federation.

Secure connections, persistent sockets, and dynamic load balancing dramatically reduce response latency.

Ephemeral data and a customizable time-to-live ensure data never leaves your firewall.

Integrate all your data in Snowflake.

Domo connects to data from different platforms and applications, consolidating it in Snowflake and helping to break down data silos.

Use Domo’s collection of over 1,000 pre-built APIs to gather data from various cloud platforms and consolidate it in Snowflake.

Get world-class security, including compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC1/2, and ISO.

Join and transform any data.

Build your data pipelines directly in the Domo platform. Domo’s data-transformation tools are native to the Domo platform, not built as an add-on or leveraged from external, third-party platforms.

Create visual data integration flows and simple data blending operations using our drag-and-drop Magic ETL tool, designed for all skill levels.

Use MySQL or Redshift SQL expressions for more complex data transforms.

"Snowflake is built for speed and performance exactly when customers need it, even with the most intense workloads. Through this partnership, we’re able to help customers drive more value from the data in Snowflake, and from across the organization, by leveraging Domo’s unique ability to rapidly combine and transform it for richer insights that drive better decisions and actions for the business."

Colleen Kapse | VP of Worldwide Partners and Alliance

Empower users with your Snowflake data.

Domo makes all of your cloud data and on-prem data available to employees throughout your organization.

Create easy-to-use, interactive visualizations based on your Snowflake data and make them available to all employees.

Enable teams to take immediate action with real-time metrics.

Access your dashboards from your computer, tablet, or device—anytime, any place.