Connect and empower your people and teams.

Domo is the only cloud-native platform built from the ground up to empower people and teams with data—helping you unlock the full value of your digital systems.

Domo accelerates your digital transformation.

Connect cloud platforms.

Securely connect and normalize data from over 1,000 sources.

Overcome team silos.

Create shared KPIs across team boundaries.

Empower teams.

Put data and analysis in the hands of every individual.

Solve problems faster

Work together, in real time, from a unified view of data.

At Domo, we’ve built a platform that empowers every employee with data and insights:

Connect & Transform

Securely connect and normalize data from any source.

Visualize & Analyze

Get real-time insights, at scale, powered by data science, AI/ML.

Build Apps & Extend

Make low/no code custom apps for teams, customers, and partners.

Create a unified view of data across your business.

Domo takes data spread across different platforms and consolidates it into a unified view that’s easy for people and teams to use. With Domo’s speed and ease of connecting data, our customers see an average 434% ROI on their digital transformation investments.

Connect data from anywhere in the organization.

Link, merge, and access your data with Domo as the hub between all your systems.

Connect live data from all your cloud platforms using our collection of over 1,000 prebuilt connectors.

Ingest data from on-premises systems, flat files, or proprietary systems.

Send data from Domo back to your source systems with bi-directional connectors.

Query data directly from where it’s hosted with data federation, so your sensitive data doesn’t need to leave your firewall.

"With Domo, we are able to combine data however we want to. We pull all of our data into Domo, and we can manipulate it as we need to. It’s almost inconceivable how much more we can do with Domo than what we could do before."

Dina Bunn | Global Head of Central Operations & IT

Transform and normalize your data.

Unify data from all your systems with drag-and-drop ETL built right into the Domo platform.

Visually sequence and define data sources and actions to combine and enhance your data, with no SQL expertise required.

Quickly join MySQL, Redshift, CSV, Excel, and hundreds of other data sources.

Keep your data current by automatically applying logic every time your dataset is updated.

Write custom queries and data science actions directly in Domo.

Discover more ways to grow and optimize your business.

Once your data is consolidated with Domo, people and teams can work together with shared KPIs and get to insights faster than ever.

Get immediate insights.

Visualize raw data from across your organization to make it actionable, so you can get to insights faster.

Get real-time views of your data with fast page loads, even on hundreds of billions of rows.

Customize your visual layouts to help guide data analysis, with colors, explanatory text, and images—no coding required.

See the same KPIs on any device, with visualizations you can build once and view everywhere.

Make better decisions.

Use Domo’s predictive analytics and advanced alerts to stay one step ahead of your business.

Set up customized alerts to get notified right away when KPIs deviate from your threshold.

Ask questions about your data in natural language and get an instant response with text bots.

Get automatic insights with Domo’s deep learning and descriptive statistics module that continuously monitors your data to show correlations, summaries, and more.

"Domo allows me, as a CEO, to focus on the things that matter and ignore all the things that are happening just like they are supposed to. It’s incredibly fast and easy and it allows me to focus on the things that matter now. Domo gives me answers before I even ask the questions."

Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Kearl

Take action to further extend improvements.

Get even more value from your data by accessing pre-existing apps or building custom apps on the Domo platform to answer your specific business questions and share data outside your organization.

Build solutions as unique as your business.

Build your own apps or work with Domo to build custom apps using your data.

Create your own apps that answer specific business questions with our App Dev Studio.

Partner with Domo to build custom apps to meet your business needs.

Get the same security, governance, and infrastructure that you already have with Domo.

"We built a custom application for our NBA basketball arena in Domo. Domo has given our non-analyst employees the chance to do data exploration of their own and drive up ticket sales for the Utah Jazz."

Nathan Kenyon| VP Reporting and Analytics

Distribute data outside your organization.

Embed analytics in the portals you build, integrate them with software you sell, or connect them across Domo-hosted instances.

Create personalized dashboards for your customers and partners.

Simplify administration of your data, with no need to create a separate pipeline for embedded analytics.

Drive monetization of your data with seamless integration into your applications.

Get world-class security.

Rest easy with Domo’s security, compliance, and data governance tools.

  • Get compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 1/2 and ISO standards.
  • Bring your own key (BYOK) data encryption features encryption keys that change three times more often.
  • Control data access with personalized data permissions at user and row levels.
  • Grant access by role with SSO and Active Directory integration and manage permissions at scale with APIs.

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