/ IDC Analyst Brief: Engaging the Ecosystem with Data

IDC Analyst Brief: Engaging the Ecosystem with Data

Modern business intelligence is about having a data platform that’s fast, flexible, and fluid. Now, rather than locking their data away, organizations are finding new ways to securely share it with an external ecosystem of partners, customers, and suppliers. By giving their external networks access to timely, curated data and analytics, enterprises become valued partners that strengthen the entire ecosystem.

But even if business leaders understand the value of embedded analytics, it’s not always clear as to how to get started. That’s why IDC developed a brief titled Engaging the Ecosystem with Data.

In the brief, one of the advisory firm’s chief research directors, Chandana Gopal, not only lays out the six activities a company must perform in order to create such a powerful business intelligence offering, but she also reveals the hurdles to clear in providing analytics as a service—and the five key benefits to establishing an externally-facing platform.

To begin the journey toward building a more resilient, flexible, and profitable business network, download Engaging the Ecosystem with Data now.

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