/ Bringing the Power of AI to IoT: Data Strategies and Enabling Technologies

Bringing the Power of AI to IoT: Data Strategies and Enabling Technologies

The value of IoT since it entered the hype cycle has been the possibility of not only collecting massive amounts of data — and aggregating different types of data not previously available — but the ability to analyze and use that data to make better decisions. However, as confirmed in a recent DBTA study, the scalability and speed required to process and analyze all that data streaming in from IoT sensors and devices comes with lots of challenges. Since most IoT applications rely on real-time data, or at least near real-time data, latency is a major issue. Data security and privacy are also serious concerns.

AI and a variety of enabling technologies, including new types of databases, data platforms, tools, and services, are at the forefront of IoT discussions right now because addressing these challenges requires new solutions that are faster and more intelligent. From manufacturing robots and self-driving cars to biometric security and smart utilities, the increasing convergence of IoT and AI can be a potent force for disruption. At a time when digital transformation has become essential for businesses to remain competitive, the combination of these technologies holds the promise of redefining industries and creating exciting new opportunities for organizations.

In this special roundtable webinar you will learn how IT leaders and data teams can navigate key challenges, innovative new technologies, and more about emerging best practices for truly unleashing the power of IoT with AI.

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