/ Why BI Programs Fail to Scale: The Data Decision Gap

Why BI Programs Fail to Scale: The Data Decision Gap

The global investment in digital transformation estimated to exceed $10 trillion over the next five years. Despite the tremendous resources going towards this cause, studies show that up to 70% of these initiatives will not achieve their stated goal. What does it take to win?

Tune in as Mohammed Aaser, Chief Data Officer at Domo is joined by guest speaker Ken Rufo, Principal at Manchester Street and Nikos Acuña, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Domo, to unpack the findings of new research that identifies a growing gap between data and the crucial decisions made throughout most organizations.

Don’t miss this chance to inform your data strategies and maximize your digital investments, as we break down what it takes to become a truly data-driven organization, according to the research.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to navigate the digitization of your business and the explosion of data that comes with it
  • How to develop a culture of accountability surrounding data to maximize returns from your digital investments
  • Strategies for improving BI adoption and strengthen your organization’s ability to use data effectively
  • How the right data apps can empower people at every level, across your entire organization


Mohammed Aaser

Chief Data Officer


Ken Rufo


Manchester Street

Nikos Acuña

Senior Director, Product Marketing


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