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Domo offers credit-based pricing so you can start with what you need and scale with confidence and control.

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How credits work

When you buy a credit package, you get access to all Domo features—for an unlimited number of users. The pool of credits you purchase is drawn down as your people use those features.

No surprise bills

With the Domo data experience platform, you'll always know how many credits your teams have used. With our built-in credit utilization report, you can see the credits you've used by type of data execution. And predict what you'll need based on these standard credit consumption examples:

Credit consumption examples*
Executions Number of credits
Data storage Rows stored in the Domo platform. 1 per million rows stored in the Domo platform
Data ingest/refresh Completed activity that appends, replaces, deletes, or upserts data in the Domo platform via a connector, file upload, API, CLI, SDK, Workbench, webhooks, or other imports—or through a custom ingestion pipeline. 1 per table created or updated
Data write-back Completed activity that writes data from Domo platform to an external system (write-back). 1 per table written
DataFlow: Magic ETL Completed execution for Magic ETL. 1 per output table created or updated
DataFlow: Data Science Completed Magic ETL v1 and v2 dataflows execution that contains Data Science tiles, or R or Python tiles in use. 2 per output table created or updated
*Subject to change.


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