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Data Integration

Connect your data

1000+ pre-built cloud connectors

With over 1,000 pre-built connectors and hundreds of other ways to connect to your data, Domo eliminates time-consuming and costly engineering projects.

On-premises connectors

Leave your data on-premises or migrate it to the cloud with Domo Workbench.

Connections to proprietary systems

Connect to any proprietary system with Domo's APIs, Domo's SDK, custom connectors, or webhooks.

Federated Data

Keep your existing data warehouse behind your firewall, but query and visualize the data without duplicating it, using Domo's federated adapters with support for several top cloud data warehouse engines.

Data Writeback

Use a range of manual and automated options to send data from Domo back to your systems, including ODBC, data writeback connectors, and APIs.

Cloud Amplifier

Integrate your data warehouses with the Domo platform to make modern BI tools natively available across all your cloud data.

Partitioned Data

Use partition and upsert capabilities to update your datasets with restated data and select a rolling window of data to keep in Domo.

File upload

Pull Excel spreadsheets, or data from many other file formats, such as .pdf, .csv, and .mp4, into Domo.

Email attachment import

Import .xls, .xlsx, or Zip files that have been included as attachments to an email message.

CSV SFTP connectors

Capture and process CSV files that have been uploaded to Domo's SFTP.

Community-built connectors

Create connectors, contribute them to the Domo environment, and make them available to the rest of the Domo community.

Data Writeback

Build bi-directional data flows into your apps with pre-built connectors, custom bi-directional connectors, or the Domo API SDK.

Combine and transform data

Magic ETL

Visually define and sequence operations with a simple drag-and-drop interface, or using scripting.

Fast query handling using Domo's live cache layer enables a responsive user experience from any device, even with simultaneous queries on billions of rows.

SQL dataflows

Set up data transformation pipelines by writing MySQL or Redshift expressions directly in Domo.

Dataset Views

Quickly explore and analyze your data, perform simple operations, and save your view as a dataset—no technical experience required.

Leverage Domo.AI and data science

Automated Machine Learning

With Domo's integration with Amazon Sagemaker Autopilot, quickly run hundreds of training jobs on different ML models, then find the best one for your data and bring data science insights to your business.

Jupyter Workspaces integration

Develop and deploy ML models in an integrated Jupyter environment using R and Python.

Data science data prep

Complete processing on a dataset in R or Python, then upload the changes back to Domo.


A suite of AI tools that empowers users with chat-style data exploration, flexible model creation, efficient model management, seamless deployment, and superior governance and security.

Query your data

Adrenaline DataFlows

Fast query handling using Domo's live cache layer enables a responsive user experience from any device, even with simultaneous queries on billions of rows.

Massively Parallel Processing

Get optimum computing performance with Domo's massively parallel processing architecture in the cloud.

Dynamic scaling

Scale your infrastructure with back-end automatic scaling in Domo.

Federated queries

Query and visualize data that lives in your data warehouses without duplicating it, with support for several top cloud data warehouse engines.

BI & Analytics

Visualizations & Dashboards

150+ chart types

Choose from our collection of over 150 chart types for data visualizations, including Trellis charts, data science charts, and period-over-period charts, powered by Domo's proprietary visualization engine.

7000+ custom maps

Choose from thousands of custom maps, each uniquely created to visualize your data, or upload your own maps with a few clicks.


Build powerful data visualizations with a simple drag-and-drop interface, making complex datasets consumable with a few clicks. Quickly filter or sort data without altering the data source or affecting other people's views.

Beast Modes

Calculate new metrics from single or multiple datasets without altering the values of your existing data. Beast Modes use either SQL or simple functions in the Beast Mode interface.

Beast Mode Manager

See all your calculated fields across all Domo datasets, track where they are used, and use bulk actions to make updates.


Create customizable, interactive, and branded data stories to guide users through data analysis—no coding required.


Create customizable, interactive dashboards to fit any business scenario with Variables. Variables are custom defined fields that users can adjust inside dashboards.

Page and chart filters

Apply filters on both the individual chart level and to an entire dashboard. Set the default view that others will see when first viewing a dashboard, and create multiple dashboard filters for different audiences.

Drilldown and link interactions

Specify drilldown or open link actions when a user clicks on a visualization.

Smart Text

Customize text on dashboard elements to reflect what data is being used in visualizations, when it was last updated, and which filters are applied to the dashboard.


Create powerful alerts that help you manage by exception and keep you apprised of key changes in your data. Receive alerts via web, email, or any mobile device.

Reporting & Self-Service Analytics

Mobile app

Access your data from native iOS and Android Domo apps. Build visualizations once and make them instantly available on any device.

Scheduled reports

Receive regular snapshots of dashboard content directly to your inbox, both for individuals inside and outside of Domo.

Exportable reports and dashboards

Export visualizations, raw data, or both to most formats, including CSV, XLS, PDF, and PPT.

Augmented Analytics

Automated Data Discovery

Get AI-powered insights into your data with Insights, Domo's deep learning and descriptive stats module

Natural language queries

Ask questions about your data in natural language and get an instant response with text bots.

Collaborate on insights


Collaborate on your data all in one place with Domo Buzz, Domo's built-in chat app.


See a full org chart with profiles of your colleagues, including their location, groups they belong to, and more.

Projects & Tasks

Create tasks for your team to manage action items and projects.

Embedded Analytics

Consume data and insights

Personalized access to data

Share data publicly or privately with row-level governance, ensuring that each user only sees data relevant to them.

Branding toolkit

Customize the look and feel of your analytics—including colors, logos and visualization elements—to perfectly match the branding you choose.

Mobile-optimized UI

Responsive design that lets users access data wherever they are.

Bi-directional filter parameters

Users can control embedded content with filters outside the embedded environment and can carry filters with them so that they always pick up where they left off as they link to external systems.

Flexible embedding

Start with iFrames for quick deployment of designs and interactions. Layer on JavaScript to control filters and context.

Create and edit visualizations

Self-service creation and editing

Allow end users to edit visualizations you share, or create their own with an intuitive UI.

Calculated fields

Users can create new dynamic calculated fields and derive new datapoints on the fly.

Intuitive dashboard design

Drag-and-drop interface that lets users create any visualization they can think of without any coding required.

Scheduled reports

Email reports to users at defined intervals, including actionable links back to relevant content.

Scheduled and threshold-based alerts

Create alerts for certain times, or for when a metric reaches a level that requires attention or action.

Shareable content

Allow users to share visualizations or reports they've created with their team in an intuitive, seamless experience.

Granular user access policies

Share data broadly, knowing that end users will only see the data relevant to their role.

Connect external data

Broad connectors library

Leverage Domo's library of 1,000+ connectors to merge external data with shared data.

Built-in ETL tools

Allow your users to manipulate and transform, connect, and aggregate their own data to augment what you've shared.

Editable dataset views

Users can use simplified visual transformations for joining, renaming, and filtering data without SQL and minimal processing time.

App Creation

Create low-code apps


Add automation to apps to improve business processes.

Domo Bricks

Use pre-built code templates to create visualizations in Domo Apps.

Build pro-code apps

App Dev Framework

Develop your own custom visualizations using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.


Get Domo's API libraries for the quickest way to start developing on Domo's platform using Java and Python.

Connector Dev Studio

If you need a custom connector that's not available in Domo's library, use our IDE to create your own.


Store your app's state data in AppDB, a pre-built database to store application business logic.


Build easy-to-use visualizations with Domo's powerful charting engine.

Integration with existing services

Consume services such as AI/ML engines, existing services your team has built, or a favorite cloud API.

App development consulting

Consult with Domo's app builders on your use case and enlist our team to build your custom apps.

App Distribution


Access hundreds of pre-built apps and connectors built on Domo that are designed to address specific business needs.


Share apps you build with built-in authentication and SSO integration.

Mobile app development

Create mobile apps with no additional optimization or development required.

Security & Governance

Data governance

Data Lineage

See the upstream and downstream effects of changes to your data, search and explore data lineage, and find datasets that need attention with Data Lineage & Impact Analysis.

Personalized Data Permissions

Create entitlement policies to grant data access down to the row level only to authorized individuals and groups.

Trusted attributes

Create policies based on user attributes rather than individuals.

Custom user roles

Create and manage custom roles (beyond the built-in Domo roles) to restrict access to Domo.

User management via API

Manage large numbers of users and their accounts at scale with the Accounts API.

Bulk content administration

Manage all data with batch management tools, a RESTful API, or .NET.


Understand your Domo usage, including login trends, dataset information, and creation and deletion of content.

Certified Content

Create workflows that enable content owners to certify content as trusted.

Group access and administration

Use dynamic, closed, system, and directory groups to cleanly separate data access and administration between groups.

Governance Toolkit

Use a collection of tools to help you scale your data governance efforts and ease administrator workload.


Separate instances into development and production environments, allowing analysts to test and innovate freely without disrupting stakeholders' day-to-day BI experience.


Secure architecture

Meet the demands of enterprise security, compliance, and privacy with multiple logical and physical security layers, a "least privilege" and "separation of duties" access model, and threat assessment of each new feature.

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) Encryption

Provide extra protections of your data by using your company's keys to encrypt data.

Security standards compliance

Compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 1/2 and ISO standards.

Single Sign-On

Authenticate to Domo using your corporate identity provider.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Increase security and peace of mind with two-step authentication.

Logging and audits

Search and report on all user activity in Domo.

Putting your data to work

Explore the data experiences that trigger better, faster decisions across every team and function.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Create interactive, easy-to-use visualizations that support "Aha!" moments.

Reporting & Self-Service Analytics

Modernize your reporting with real-time data that everyone can self-serve.

Business Apps

Build low- or pro-code apps that improve operational processes.

Embedded Analytics

Securely share data and insights outside your organization.


Deliver actionable data experiences that scale with an AI framework you can trust.


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