Guide decision making with predictive insights.

Get insights faster and see what’s next for your business using alerts, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and other AI technologies.

Domo Feature - Alert Center triggered message

Get to insights faster with automated data discovery.

Get automatic insights into your data that you may not have noticed otherwise. With Insights, Domo’s deep learning and descriptive stats module, Domo is constantly monitoring and analyzing your data to provide a text summary of the chart, as well as outlier detection, distribution, correlations, and more.

"Once, one of our data providers had an outage, and we actually found the outage before they were even aware of it — we were monitoring it in more real-time than they were! I can’t count on one hand the number of times Domo has saved us thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars by alerting us to issues like this in a quicker period of time."

Director, Risk Management

Get answers with natural language queries.

Ask questions about your data in natural language and get an instant response with text bots. Text bots are available natively in Domo to interact with some of the most popular data sets pulled into Domo, including Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Shopify, and others.  Custom, non-native bots can also be added with additional, less common systems and data sets through APIs.

Interactive discovery.

The Domo Alert Center is your one stop for seeing what content has been created, what’s changing, and what metrics, conversations, and alerts your teams are active in. If an insight gets your attention, Alert Center provides you direct access to that discussion, chart, or dashboard so you can take action immediately.

Stay on top of changes with alerts and notifications.

Get alerts when KPIs change. Create your own custom alerts to be notified when a KPI moves above or below your defined threshold, and receive alerts on your computer or phone. You can customize an alert rule to determine how often you are notified, what the alert message says, and who receives it.

"Domo allows me, as a CEO, to focus on the things that matter and ignore all the things that are happening just like they are supposed to. It’s incredibly fast and easy and it allows me to focus on the things that matter now. Domo gives me answers before I even ask the questions."

Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Kearl

Explore Domo’s BI & Analytics features.

The Domo Business Cloud is where work gets done faster and smarter.

Domo can help you harness the power of your data with apps to drive business action.

Reporting & Dashboards

Create interactive, custom dashboards with ease.

Self-service Analytics

Make data accessible to all and free up analysts' time.

Data Sharing & Embedded Analytics

Share analytics securely with customers and partners.

Data Apps

Provide teams with data apps to solve business problems.

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