Guide decision-making with data science insights.

With Domo’s comprehensive data science solution, you can get more impactful and predictive insights to manage your business.

Empower your teams with predictive insights.
Tap into machine learning insights that make predictions about how KPIs will change.
Cut through the noise.
Focus on the data that really makes an impact on your business and drives outcomes.
Enable rapid decision-making.
Empower your teams to make faster, better decisions in their day-to-day work.

Here are just a few business problems that data science solutions can help your business solve.

Look under the hood to see how Domo's data science technology enables business at scale.

Bring the power of data science to all users.

Data science should not live just in the hands of data scientists. Ensure that any user can take advantage of data science capabilities in their daily workflows.

Find insights faster with automated data discovery. See text summaries of charts, along with statistical measures that help you identify outliers, correlations, and more.

Get answers with natural language queries. Ask questions about your data in natural language and get an instant response—no need to write complicated data queries or reports.

Stay on top of changes with alerts. Create your own custom alerts to be notified when a KPI moves above or below your defined threshold, and receive alerts on your computer or phone.

Domo allows me, as a CEO, to focus on the things that matter and ignore all the things that are happening just like they are supposed to. It’s incredibly fast and easy and it allows me to focus on the things that matter now. Domo gives me answers before I even ask the questions.

Jeff Kearl | Chief Executive Officer

The Domo Business Cloud is where work gets done faster and smarter.

Domo can help you harness the power of your data with apps to drive business action.

Reporting & Dashboards

Create interactive, custom dashboards with ease.

Self-service Analytics

Make data accessible to all and free up analysts' time.

Data Sharing & Embedded Analytics

Share analytics securely with customers and partners.

Data Apps

Provide teams with data apps to solve business problems.

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