Prove marketing's bottom-line impact on the business.

Domo unites marketing data from disparate sources with data from sales, finance, and any other department across your entire company, so you can maximize ROI and prove marketing's impact on the business.

Get a complete view of your marketing funnel.

Make decisions that are aligned with company strategy and goals.

Understand marketing’s impact by connecting marketing data to sales, finance, or any other department data.

See everything in one place with over 1,000 proven API connectors that integrate all your data in one platform.

Create a unified set of metrics to measure success across your business.

Analyze all of your marketing channels in one view.

Get real-time insights into campaign performance, customer behavior, and overall marketing ROI.

Make informed decisions in real-time.

View dashboards and reports on one platform to make quick, smart, and informed decisions about your business performance.

Turn complex marketing data into easy-to-understand visualizations like charts, graphs, and dashboards.

Quickly identify trends, patterns, and areas that require immediate attention for campaign optimization.

Share trusted insights with stakeholders to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

"The best thing about Domo is that I can see everything in one place. It saves me so much time because I can see the performance of campaigns across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok all next to each other, and see how each works together."

Katie Russell | Digital Marketing Coordinator, Cozy Earth

Give channel owners autonomy to monitor and optimize their parts of the business.

Get automated, real-time updates per intra-minute to quickly make informed decisions.

Monitor campaign performance and track key metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, and customer acquisition costs.

Anticipate customer needs, identify opportunities, and make proactive decisions with predictive analytics.

Proactively pivot based on changing market conditions.

"Domo allows us to marry our customer data with our marketing spend data to inform marketing decisions in a very impactful way."

Emily Peterson | Director, Marketing Analytics & Strategy, Intermix

Manage expectations across your data pipeline and processes.

Quickly identify problem areas with alerts for both campaign management and operational efficiencies.

Set up alert thresholds to measure progress against targets.

Make informed, real-time decisions about your media mix.

Ensure data integrity—always.

"Alerts and scheduled reports are probably the features that have the highest usage in all our organization. Alerts tell me whenever a particular value has either increased or decreased by a particular percentage, while scheduled reports literally send me an entire view of what the dashboard looks like on a particular day."

Linda Fligg, Senior Business Operations Analyst, GE HealthCare

With Domo's data-driven insights, these marketing teams are thriving

With Domo, TTCU can ensure the right marketing mix with the best results—all while surfacing the right products and services to its members.

With Domo, CleanChoice Energy swapped time-consuming, error-prone, manual reporting for automated, accessible, accurate reporting.

Domo for Marketing

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