Learn how Domo for High-Tech can help your team discover insights to enhance products and win customers.


Leverage data insights to grow your business and win customers.

Integrate data at scale and gain valuable insights to improve sales performance, optimize engineering resource allocation, and enhance product offerings.

Solve more data challenges in high tech.

Sales Performance & Forecasting

Uncover insights to inform sales tactics.

Build stronger, more accurate sales forecasts and better track sales performance, all in one view.

  • Access real-time insights to optimize sales performance with a clear snapshot of the field.
  • Precisely forecast future sales and know how to reach target markets based on accurate data.
  • Gain a big-picture overview of a portfolio of customers to minimize loss and maximize upsell.
  • Create achievable target goals and build the profile of a high-performing sales rep, setting a standard for the sales team.
Sales Activities Analytics

Gain access to real-time data metrics.

Equip your sales field teams with valuable customer insights and status, on the go.

  • Provide a unified view of the sales funnel to quickly analyze the pipeline's health.
  • Equip sales reps with instant access to data to enable quicker and more informed decision-making.
  • Identify best practices, key messages, communication frequency, and channel type to ensure the best user experience.
Marketing Analytics & Media Optimization

Leverage data to optimize marketing initiatives.

Turn customer and marketing data into insights that maximize ROI.

  • Build attribution models to reflect customer behavior and understand how touchpoints influence conversion rates.
  • Accurately predict lifetime customer value and calculate marketing ROI by looking at the cost of acquisition.
  • Gain an understanding of the customer journey to optimize marketing efforts.
Engineering Resource Planning

Better understand data to plan effectively.

Get insights into product feedback and pipeline to better plan resources and guide product roadmaps.

  • Prioritize engineering activities including debugging, managing tech debt, and innovating.
  • Optimize engineering resources to ensure alignment with product development roadmaps.
  • Monitor and improve key metrics to see how A/B testing is performing in real-time.
Product Enhancement

Help your product stand out with customers.

Give your customers and business partners useful product insights and optimize operations.

  • Differentiate your products and services to improve customer satisfaction and increase retention.
  • Spend less time on external reporting while enabling customers and partners to leverage insights.
  • Generate new revenue streams by transforming product and service data into insights for customers and partners.

Learn how Domo helps high tech companies:

Connect data across platforms.
Securely integrate thousands of data sources into one centralized view to empower more data-driven decisions.
Use real-time data in a changing landscape.
Monitor key metrics in real-time to proactively acquire customers and maximize revenue.
Translate customer insight into action.
Enable faster and more impactful actions across sales, marketing, and product teams.

Connect data across platforms.

Gain a complete view across customer, sales, marketing, and product teams by integrating thousands of data sources to give business users the insights they need to make confident decisions.

Connect your data from across the entire enterprise.

Uncover customer and product insights. Bring fragmented data together to provide a complete picture of the business, team performance, and customers.

Empower data-driven decisions. Break down data silos, democratize data, and easily and securely share insights within your organization.

Interpret and use real-time data at speed.

Use real-time data in a changing landscape.

Equip business users with the insights they need to make proactive decisions and respond to changing customer needs.

Leverage unparalleled time to insight. Monitor key metrics in real-time, including sales metrics and product performance, in order to acquire more customers and maximize revenue.

Enable quicker execution times with self-service data analytics. Get alerts to key metrics in real-time, including sales pipelines and customer acquisition costs, so you can quickly adjust to close deals and win more customers.

Expand the access and the reach of your data.

Translate customer insight into action.

Use data analytics tools or access data on your mobile app—anywhere, anytime—to help identify challenges across the value chain.

Pinpoint the root cause. Access and analyze data to help identify the root causes of challenges across the value chain, then take meaningful actions across teams to improve key metrics and maximize revenue.

Enable quicker execution times with self-service BI. Empower anyone, no matter their technical background, to build intelligent apps that allow front-line teams to visualize and analyze customer data right within their workflows.