Data Integration: Connect everything, everywhere.

Quickly connect all your cloud, on-premises, and proprietary systems using Domo’s variety of connector options.

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Pre-built connectors


Subsecond queries


Rows queried daily

Connect to your data…

Whether your data is in the cloud, on-prem, in a flat file, or all of the above, Domo supports bi-directional connections between all systems.

Cloud Connectors

Connect to 1,000+ pre-built connectors.

On-Premises Connectors

Connect to secure On-Premises databases with Domo Workbench.

File Upload Connectors

Connect to Excel, CSV, and Google docs in seconds.

Proprietary Systems Connectors

Connect to an endless selection of data sources.

…Wherever it lives

Take a Federated approach and query the data directly from where it is hosted.

Cloud Connectors

Hundreds of pre-built APIs, activated in minutes.

With over 1,000 pre-built connectors and hundreds of other ways to connect to your data, Domo eliminates time-consuming and costly engineering projects.

A fully-managed API ecosystem.

Let Domo manage and maintain API connections to your most important cloud data sources so your teams don’t have to.

Real-time data reporting.

Direct-from-source data allows for real-time reporting. When underlying data sets change, everything is updated accordingly.

Get up and running in minutes.

Plug in your username and password, decide what data you want to connect to, and you’re up and running instantly.

Data Writeback

Empower your users to take immediate action on your data with Domo's open design that connects any systems with Domo as the hub between them.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect to any device in your network that produces IoT data, such as point-of-sale systems or smart vending machines. Take action on that data and send messages to those devices with write-back capabilities.

Partition and upsert support

If you restate previously published data, you can use partition and upsert capabilities to update your datasets with restated data and select a rolling window of data to keep in Domo.

"Domo is one of those platforms where the power is within the connectors. You could literally get a subscription to Domo tomorrow, plug in five to ten connectors, and get meaningful data by the end of the day."

Chief Information Officer

On-Premises Connectors

Domo feature - Workbench

Leave your data on-premises or migrate it to the cloud with Domo Workbench.

If you have data on-premises and in the cloud, Domo allows you to take a hybrid approach, and encrypts and protects sensitive data. Workbench provides a secure, client-side solution for uploading your on-premise data to Domo.

Hundreds of pre-built, on-prem connectors.

Quickly connect into common on-prem data sources like ODBC, XML, SAP, JIRA, QuickBooks, and more.

Securely connect to on-prem data.

Encrypt, protect, and govern your most sensitive data sets like PII, PHI, or HIPAA.

Scale multiple jobs, each with millions of rows.

Connect to data at scale and get Workbench notifications to alert you in real time when jobs succeed or fail.

"What we couldn’t accomplish with the previous BI tool, we were able to establish in a week. That includes connecting the data, manipulating the data, and visualizing it in Domo."

Dominic Blosil | CFO

File Upload Connectors

Out of files. Into Domo.

Domo enables you to pull Excel spreadsheets, files from FTP, flat files, and files attached to emails into a single, cloud-based platform, allowing you to see the data you care about, in context.

  • Eliminate time consuming, error-prone manual processes.
  • Easily collaborate and act around the data you care about most.
  • See a faster data turnaround time for the people who rely on it to make decisions.

Dynamic data at your fingertips.

With Domo, manual tasks that took hours now take minutes, data is dynamically refreshed, and reports are easily and instantly shared.

Static file types

Upload files of any size instantly.

Connect to all of your files quickly and see faster data turnaround time for faster decision-making.

Ensure your teams are all on the same page.

Enable your entire team to work from a common data set instead of emailing around hard-to-govern spreadsheets.

Spot patterns at a glance with real-time KPI dashboards.

Gain end-to-end metric visibility with dynamic, easy-to-consume data visualizations.

"Domo connected to our legacy data system within four or five minutes. They can really walk the talk."

Chief Innovation Officer

Proprietary Systems Connectors

Connect to any proprietary system, any way you like.

There’s no data set we don’t love. Domo has hundreds of ways to connect to different data sets, and we love them all.

Domo’s SDKs

Build your own connection into Domo using our secure, proprietary SDKs. The quickest way to begin developing on the Domo platform is through our two officially supported API libraries in Python and Java.

Custom Connectors

Need a unique cloud connection that isn’t currently available? You can create your own connector with the Connector Dev Studio for exclusive use or to add to the community of existing connectors.


Use simple HTTP server-to-server callbacks to connect data between various applications using Domo.

"To the extent we can have Domo help us connect to all of our other applications, that's going to be a big deal. Both ways, not just from the application to Domo, but back again to orchestrate the behavior."

Joseph Puthussery | VP of Digital Marketing, Marketing

Federated Connectors

Data Lake

Batch Processing
Operational Isolation




Load Balancing
DQL Query Adapter


Time to Live
Kill Switch


Interactive Visualization
Page Layouts


Business Process
Direct Messaging

Connecting securely to data warehouses and lakes.

If you’ve invested heavily in your current storage, Domo enables you to bypass cloud connectors and query data directly from where you’ve already hosted it. Why duplicate parts of your data lake if you don’t have to? Federated adapters translate Domo queries to the language of your existing databases.

Connect instantly using data federation.

Secure connections, persistent sockets, and dynamic load balancing dramatically reduce response latency.

Control how your data is transported.

A cache of your data is kept just long enough to render data visualizations through a customizable time-to-live.

Governance, security, and control at all times.

Data is protected in all lifecycle stages, and admins control which tables are approved for external access.


"Chief Digital Officer tracked 20k+ data sources in real time to see performance across digital media for real-time decisions on where to spend, contributing to $2.1B in ecommerce revenue in 2017."

Global 500 Retailer

Explore Domo’s data integration features.

Domo does data integration like no one else.

Putting your data to work

Explore the data experiences that trigger better, faster decisions across every team and function.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Create interactive, easy-to-use visualizations that support "Aha!" moments.

Reporting & Self-Service Analytics

Modernize your reporting with real-time data that everyone can self-serve.

Business Apps

Build low- or pro-code apps that improve operational processes.

Embedded Analytics

Securely share data and insights outside your organization.


Deliver actionable data experiences that scale with an AI framework you can trust.


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