/ Masterclass: S&OP – Do More with Data

Masterclass: S&OP – Do More with Data

The pace of modern business decision making has advanced more than ever in the past few years with the advancement of data sources, systems and techniques. In particular, across the broad spectrum of processes in Sales & Operations Planning (or IBP or other business planning models) there is more input to get decision making activities like demand planning, forecasting, promotions, vendor management and core financial planning yet the advancement on the analysis and the business decision layer on top is often run in traditional ways – lots of meetings, lots of reports or Excel documents to make critical decisions.

With Domo, we believe there is an opportunity evolve S&OP to become truly data-driven and ultimately machine learning powered and we are running a series of exclusive business forums and expert masterclasses to help those that work across those S&OP teams and operating models to share how to make that shift, from both a business strategy and implementation perspective.

During the Do More with Data – S&OP Masterclass, we will cover:

  • Integrate the complete tech stack to create an S&OP 360 view, integrating data from various software systems (e.g. planning, financial and inventory management) to give your planners a holistic, real-time view of planning insights
  • Using Data Science to take forecasting to the next level with predictive models
  • Democratising the planning insights across various roles and activities
  • Using insight in real-time to reduce costs and increase sales forecast accuracy
  • Integrating suppliers and retailers into this view to create a collaborative planning process

Domo transforms the way these companies manage business.