/ Data Never Sleeps 11.0

Data Never Sleeps 11.0


Domo’s unveiled its highly-anticipated 11th edition of Data Never Sleeps. Over the past decade, Domo has tracked the world’s data usage, revealing remarkable increases in activity across various online platforms, from Instagram and X to Amazon, Venmo, and many others. The annual Data Never Sleeps infographic offers a big-picture glimpse into the immense volume of data generated on the internet every minute, showcasing how data is constantly evolving and changing as more people interact with digital platforms and services.

“This year’s findings reflect the ever-changing and fast-paced digital landscape, which has only been heightened by the rapid popularity of AI models such as ChatGPT,” said Josh James, founder and CEO, Domo. “Data drives everything we do, from a quick search online or sending an email, to checking the latest headlines on our way to work. Data Never Sleeps, now in its eleventh year, depicts just how much we rely on data and its impact on our daily lives in one of the 525,600 minutes in a year.”

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