Exclusive Virtual Event: Revolutionizing Embedded Analytics

Domo Everywhere

Fully integrated, embedded analytics to easily and securely deliver data experiences to your customers and partners.

Reframe how your customers and partners leverage data.

Embedding analytics is about more than just sharing data; it’s an opportunity to build an ecosystem where you and your customers and partners can connect and centralize your shared data, explore it together to gain valuable insights, and build joint solutions that create value for all.

Streamline external reporting.
Quickly and easily automate your external reporting, saving you time and manual effort and allowing you to move from building reports to enabling your customers and partners to leverage insights.
Provide Self-Service External Analytics.
Wow your customers and partners by giving them the power to edit the content you share with them, create their own visualizations, and generate their own value.
Drive revenue with external data ecosystems.
Turn your data into value-added products and services for your customers and partners that will help drive new business and increase your bottom line.

Consume data and insights.

Share rich visualizations and dashboards flexibly and at scale, giving your customers and partners access to relevant insights and saving you time and effort in implementation.

  • Create interactive charts and dashboards
  • Get started with 150 pre-loaded chart types
  • Export visualizations to PPT, PDF, and more

It’s been a leap forward. Account managers can now detect issues like a drop in revenue and take immediate action, as opposed to waiting for a report to come through 48 hours later.

Adam Skinner | Chief Technology Officer

Create and edit visualizations.

Give customers and partners the power to edit and create within the embedded environment. Allow them to build their own visualizations and dashboards using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that requires no coding or technical expertise. 

  • Schedule automated reports
  • Perform fully self-service ad-hoc analysis
  • Set up notifications with scheduled and threshold alerts

Domo now makes it easy for even our non-technical clients to feel comfortable with analytics. It really enables a lot more people to be working with the data.

Kara Schimmelfing | Data Solutions Consultant

Connect external data.

Provide the full power of the Domo platform, allowing your customers and partners to connect their own proprietary data, transform data using built-in tools, augmenting your shared data and leading to more actionable insights.

With Domo Everywhere, we are able to leverage massive amounts of IoT data to create differentiated offerings that our customers highly value. Domo gives us the ability to drive even greater data participation and engagement from our customers through a highly personalized and interactive solution.

Charles Larkin | Director of Data Analytics

Choose the experience that works best for you and your customers and partners:

Embedded in your app/portal.

Offer your customers and partners a seamless, cohesive experience where they already are. Embed Domo Everywhere directly into your website, app, or portal using a combination of iFrame and JavaScript.


If you do not have a site to host the experience, let Domo handle that for you. Instantly share live data in secure analytics environments via a dedicated Domo sub-domain (e.g. you-yourcustomer.domo.com) that your customers and partners can access immediately. With this option, you can avoid the development effort and server setup of traditional embedded analytics.

Domo is a 2021 Representative Vendor in the latest Gartner research.

The October 2021 Gartner® Market Guide for Embedded Analytics report was published, and we’re recognized in it. Follow this link to learn more.

Explore Domo Everywhere features.

Deep-dive into the Domo Embed and Domo Publish features.

Self-service creation and editing
Allow end users to edit visualizations you share, or create their own with an intuitive UI.
Brand toolkit
Customize the look and feel of your analytics—including colors, logos and visualization elements—to perfectly match the branding you choose.
Mobile-optimized UI
Responsive design that lets users access data wherever you are, on any device.
Broad connectors library
Leverage Domo’s library of 1,000+ connectors to merge external data with shared data.



Dresner Advisory Services Whitepaper:

Embedded BI Importance Reflects Information Democracy Trend


Constellation Research Whitepaper:

Next-Generation Embedded Analytics Spark Digital Transformation


Nucleus Research ROI Report:

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas Achieves 472% ROI with Domo

Powered by the Domo Business Cloud.

Domo’s all-in-one data platform can help you to better integrate, interpret and use data to drive informed decision making across your business.

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Dynamically integrate, transform, and orchestrate data from any source.

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