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Get the most from your data through streamlined, centralized data and AI model management. Our comprehensive, cloud-based platform is tailored to the real-world requirements and unique needs of IT and data teams.

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Built for superior security, scalability, and usability, Domo meets the rigorous demands of IT leaders, data analysts, data architects, and data engineers—across all industries and business sizes.

Why choose Domo for IT?

Domo delivers automation, data governance, and AI model management at scale. With Domo’s easy-to-use platform, IT and data teams become extraordinary business catalysts for everything from data-driven curiosity and decision-making to operational improvements that benefit the entire business.

Keep data secure and accessible.

Domo helps you keep a tight grip on data movement, transformation, and use while proactively pushing it to the people who need it.

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Use data from anywhere.

Domo scales to fit your users and data for fast, responsive performance—even with large datasets. Connectors, adapters, APIs, and SDKs help users pull data from anywhere in Domo.

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Empower users with AI.

Domo gives you AI model management, deployment, and governance, so you can deliver potent AI-powered data experiences to users without risk.

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Problems Solved

How Domo supports IT

Domo helps IT deliver business value by scaling and improving agility and decision-making in a secure, flexible, and simple way. Here's how our data experience platform puts data to work for everyone.

Security & Compliance

Domo significantly eases the burden of ensuring security and regulatory compliance, and keeps data secure without making it hard for people to access.
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Access Control
Challenge: It’s hard to implement and maintain role-based access controls and different authentication methods.
Solution: Using Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Discretionary Access Control (DAC) you can assign specific permissions to users or user groups based on their roles and responsibilities.
Secure Login
Challenge: Users struggle to recall multiple passwords, leading to security risks like sticky notes on monitors with passwords.
Solution: Integrations with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensure secure access to Domo. Use enterprise credentials with SSO and boost security with verification codes with MFA.
Data Encryption
Challenge: Ensuring in-transit and at-rest encryption requires comprehensive security measures and regular audits.
Solution: Using industry-standard protocols like SSL/TLS, Domo encrypts data during transmission. Data at rest is stored in encrypted form using strong encryption algorithms.
Compliance Certification
Challenge: Achieving and maintaining certifications requires ongoing effort and knowledge of the current regulatory landscape.
Solution: Domo’s built-in compliance for regulations like SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR makes it easy to adhere to industry standards and avoid penalties and negative press.
“Domo allows the right people to access the right data to aid in operational, tactical, and strategic decision making.”
Marco Cardoso
Head of IT, TheraSkin
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Scalability & Performance

Domo's architecture is built for the demands of big data analytics, so lots of users can interact responsively at the same time with vast amounts of data.
Large Data Volumes
Challenge: Large numbers of concurrent users and data sources can slow performance to a crawl if the infrastructure is not designed for the load.
Solution: Domo uses optimization techniques like in-memory processing, query caching, and query optimization algorithms for fast, responsive performance—even with large datasets and complex queries.
Scalable Architecture
Challenge: Expanding data volumes and complex AI computations can be taxing on existing infrastructures.
Solution: Thanks to the elasticity of its cloud-based infrastructure, Domo can scale seamlessly as your data and users grow, dynamically allocating resources to meet your needs.
“Domo is a powerful tool for aggregating data from all our disparate systems, and then sharing the right data with district leaders and restaurant general managers to accelerate their ability to understand and analyze the health of the business.”
Trevor Fitzgerald
VP of IT at WKS Restaurant Group
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Domo Ranked #1 Vendor in Dresner Advisory Services’ 2023 Self-Service Business Intelligence Market Study

Deployment & Management

Domo is a cloud-based platform so deployment is simple and streamlined, requiring no on-premises infrastructure or hardware setup.
Rapid Deployment
Challenge: Tools that require additional investments in hardware and infrastructure also add administrative overhead and are hard to scale.
Solution: Domo is cloud-based, so it offers rapid deployment and scalability. Users can easily access Domo from anywhere with an internet connection.
Automated Updates
Challenge: It's burdensome to test and apply updates, so teams rarely keep up with them and often fall out of sync with new features and fixes.
Solution: Domo automatically keeps the platform updated and upgraded with no effort needed from customers. You have updates and enhancements as soon as they are released.
Task Automation
Challenge: Complex tasks that must be executed regularly and perfectly can require significant administrative overhead and budget.
Solution: Domo provides automation to streamline deployment, simplify configuration, and monitor tasks. Task automation reduces overhead and costs, boosts quality, and lets teams focus on strategic projects.
Ease of Use
Challenge: Technical teams and analysts are overburdened with requests when BI tools are too hard for non-technical people to use.
Solution: Some technical knowledge is required during the initial setup and configuration. After that, Domo's intuitive interface and tools—like Magic ETL—make the platform easy to use and manage.
“Domo’s Magic ETL makes it super easy to transform data, which means you have the power of SQL without having to understand the language.”
Dave Gebert
Director of Business Analysis, Traeger
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Data Governance

Domo streamlines and automates governance processes, relieving you from the constant manual oversight needed to make sure everyone follows data policies.
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Data Management Platform
Challenge: It takes a lot of detailed coordination with different departments to create a centralized portal for data governance.
Solution: With Domo, you get a consolidated view of data from every source in one centralized platform. You can define and enforce data governance standards, frameworks, and workflows.
Policy Enforcement
Challenge: It is cumbersome and time-consuming to define, monitor, and enforce data policies on an ongoing basis.
Solution: Automated policy monitoring and enforcement can streamline the governance process, ensuring adherence to organizational standards without constant manual oversight.
Data Quality
Challenge: It can take significant effort to ensure data quality and manage complex integrations with various systems.
Solution: Domo helps you track and manage data quality, including tools for data preparation and cleansing, data profiling, and resolving anomalies.
“We wanted to manage data as a corporate asset, and Domo was a good listener. They helped us draw a framework, an architecture, and a governance model that helped us achieve that.”
Pedro Maia
Director of IT, Data, BI and Analytics, EDP Comercial
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With Domo's integration capabilities, you can connect all your data sources, databases, and applications in one centralized platform.
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Data Connectors
Challenge: It is challenging to pull data from sources in the cloud, on-prem, in flat files, and in proprietary systems.
Solution: Domo provides pre-built connectors for popular systems like Salesforce, Google Analytics, Oracle, SQL Server, and more.
Challenge: It's difficult to pull and analyze data from sensitive data sets that are often stored in on-premises databases.
Solution: Connect to on-premises databases, file servers, and enterprise systems through secure gateways or VPNs. Hundreds of on-prem connectors connect to on-prem data sources like ODBC, XML, SAP, JIRA, and QuickBooks.
Cloud Services
Challenge: It is time-consuming and costly to manage and maintain API connections to your important cloud data sources.
Solution: Domo connectors and adapters for various cloud services integrate with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others. You can fetch data from external sources or push data into other systems using third-party APIs.
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Custom Integration
Challenge: It can be challenging to connect to proprietary systems with no pre-made connectors to streamline the process.
Solution: Domo offers RESTful APIs and SDKs that allow you to build custom integrations, create data pipelines, and automate data workflows to meet your specific integration requirements.
“We chose Domo because it's the only platform in the world that can handle data from various data sources and do it in a way that makes it very easy and clean for staff members to utilize.”
Matthew Willie
CEO, 9x5 Consulting
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Secure AI-powered data experiences

With Domo, leverage generative AI models like ChatGPT and Bard while maintaining data and model integrity with superior AI security and governance. You also get easy integration with AI models, model management and deployment, and scalable architecture for AI workloads.

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