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Use Domo to guide your IT infrastructure from engineering to dev-ops. Domo delivers realtime data for deep analysis of the analytics that your tech organization needs.

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The IT dilemma.

IT knows data. That’s why your organization relies on your IT department to manage various systems that house your company’s business information. Too often, though, your IT team gets slammed with an endless queue of report requests. Sound familiar?


"With Domo, we have everything in one place with the right metrics to truly measure performance for each department. Our people can spend their time working on projects that are more important than building reports all day."

The solution.

With Domo, your IT team can build and manage all the business metrics you care about in a single platform. Beyond monitoring what matters to IT, Domo also gives business decision makers the ability to find the answers to their own questions—so they’re not waiting on IT to build reports. Domo does the reporting legwork and disseminates the information so you don’t have to.


    Connect to any source of data, so you can see everything from service availability, to implementation duration, to security-related service downtimes, all in one place.

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    Forget manually mixing and matching data sources to see the right metrics—let Domo do that legwork for you.

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    Want to track your implementation duration instantly? Domo’s stunning visualizations make it easy, and easy on the eyes.

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    Notice a spike in your number of security incidents? Start a conversation with the people on your team who know why and collaborate seamlessly to assess the situation.

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    Optimize your own IT initiatives and empower people across the entire organization to find answers to their business questions, so you can focus on doing your job.

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    A solution for every role.

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