Relay and relive Domopalooza 2021—the modern BI event of the year. Together we challenged approaches to traditional BI and uncovered ways to unlock the value of data by putting it in the hands of everyone across your business and ecosystem.

Domopalooza 2021 Highlights

The keynotes and moments that defined Domopalooza 2021.

Modern BI for All

How Emerson Uses Domo to Connect Cold Supply Chain Data for COVID-19 Vaccines

How Yum! Brands Is Cooking Up Delicious Experiences with Data

Perspectives on Modern Data with McKinsey & Co.

Watch Domopalooza 2021 sessions on-demand

Explore three tracks of data-driven insights from the industry’s top BI challengers and explorers.

Data Agility

Integrate, manage, and distribute your data for maximum impact.

  • Data Governance
  • Data Integration
  • Distributed Intelligence
  • Domo Everywhere
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Data Literacy

Instill data curiosity and confidence and use data for persuasion and influence.

  • Data Curiosity
  • Persuasion & Influence
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Intelligent Action

Move beyond traditional BI and dashboards through advanced data science and intelligent apps.

  • Beyond BI
  • Domo on Domo
  • Data Science
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Check out Domo’s new product announcements.

Here’s a quick recap of our most exciting product announcements from Domopalooza, as well as some key new features that are available now.

Domo + Snowflake native integration.

As part of our new Multi-Cloud Data Fabric, you can now use Domo and Snowflake together to integrate more data into your existing cloud data warehouse, unify data coordination, and put more insights into the hands of your customers and partners.

Domo Everywhere.

We’ve added even more power to Domo Everywhere to provide more flexibility with custom-branded analytics for your customers and partners, and even allowing them to create their own visualizations.

AWS Data Exchange.

With datasets from the AWS Data Exchange now available through Domo’s Appstore, you can access thousands of AWS datasets, then create powerful visualizations and business solutions using Domo.


With a tight integration with Amazon SageMaker Autopilot, Domo’s Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) capabilities allow you to rapidly determine the best machine learning model for your data.

Dataset Views with Analyzer.

Access DataSet Views from Analyzer while you’re editing a card, so you can move seamlessly between editing your chart in Analyzer and editing the data for your chart with Views.

Narrative cards with NLG.

With narrative cards, Domo uses Natural Language Generation (NLG) to automatically run complex analyses on your data and present those insights in a simple, easy-to-understand narrative within your Domo cards and stories.

DDX Bricks.

Create advanced visualizations with Domo Data Experience (DDX) Bricks chart components. Use Domo’s libraries of maps and plug and play charts, or copy code from open source charting libraries and paste it right into your card in Domo.

We’ll be back next year.

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