/ From Basic Eggs to Delicious Frittatas: How A Little Bit of Work Can Make Your Visuals Pop in Domo

From Basic Eggs to Delicious Frittatas: How A Little Bit of Work Can Make Your Visuals Pop in Domo

To tell a story with data—to connect with teams through data like chefs do through food—data analysts need visuals and dashboards that pop!

Like every master chef needs the best ingredients and tools, every data analyst needs the best ingredients and tools too. Learn how to move from whipping up basic reports that don’t get consumed to creating stunning dashboards and visuals that get rave reviews across the business with Dashboard Dudes founder John Le. John is the host of one of the most popular Domopalooza 2023 workshops—”Cooking with Data”—a session that earned him a new title: Grilled Cheese Guy.

In this webinar, major Domo John taps into his 7 years of Domo experience to help analysts evolve from cooking “sad scrambled eggs” to “mouthwatering frittatas.” Analysts will come away feeling empowered to engage users and boost their understanding with creative storytelling techniques—like heat mapping. Because, as John says, “if you don’t make visuals look good, no one will want to consume them. You need to make visuals exciting to build a data-driven culture.”


John Le


Dashboard Dudes

Hi! My name is John Le. I have been using Domo since 2016 and have been the major Domo for several companies. Through trial and error, I have learned a lot and went to start DashboardDudes.com with an emphasis on Domo. Very happy to help you become the ME of YOUR organization.

Lauren Udwari

Director, Content Strategy


Lauren Udwari has been leading content programs for more than 15 years. She brings her expertise in psychology, communication, and integrated marketing to her Director of Content role at Domo, where she leads with empathy, integrity, and creativity. She’s passionate about empowering people to tap into their data-driven curiosity and make an impact with Domo through content that educates and inspires them.

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