/ Domo Recognized as a Leader in Embedded Analytics

Domo Recognized as a Leader in Embedded Analytics

A modern approach to business intelligence (BI) means your data needs to move outside of a single platform or dashboard and right into the workflows and applications your teams and customers are using to get work done. With tools like Domo Everywhere, Domo makes it easy for our customers to share data with the critical stakeholders who need it, right when they need it, both inside and outside their organization.

Domo is changing the way our customers are using their data. And that’s one of the reasons why Domo was named a leader in the 2022 Nucleus Research report on Embedded Analytics. Domo was recognized for its Domo Everywhere product and the way it supports companies to embed their data within customized workflows.

Download the report and learn why:

  • Embedded analytics is more than a passive data dashboard.
  • How customizable data apps pave the way for companies to monetize their data and strengthen revenue streams.
  • Why Domo is a leader in embedded data analytics.

Domo transforms the way these companies manage business.