Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Advito Starts Business Intelligence Practice

BCD's consulting arm Advito has launched a travel intelligence and analytics practice powered by data visualization platform Domo. The consultancy follows the lead of agency competitors Travel and Transport, Omega World Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel and American Express Global Business Travel in bringing enhanced data platforms to market. Former UBS travel analytics lead for the Americas Lexi Honohan joined Advito just under a year ago as senior director of intelligence and analytics. She will lead the practice. Honohan said that even with other agency-connected tools in the market, “we still saw a gap that needed to be filled” in terms...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Domo leading way for LGBTQ inclusion

In Utah County, it’s rare for a tech business to post billboards — not necessarily touting their company — voicing support for a societal segment. But as anyone along Silicon Slopes knows, Domo, and its CEO Josh James, are rather unique. And the six new Domo billboards that went up along Interstate 15 last week are part of at least one company’s “special focused effort” to proclaim inclusivity within Utah. Domo billboards are known along Wasatch Front for their quirky, sometime quixotic references, but this time the message can’t be clearer. All of the new billboards proclaim “Domo loves LGBTQ+...

Monday, April 9, 2018

Domo Is Taking Data Governance Seriously

Today, organizations of all sizes consume massive amounts of data. These big data volumes combined with the ongoing push for self-service business intelligence (BI), have enabled more people to do analysis and build visualizations and dashboards. This is all well and good, but increases in analysis and self-service have led to data governance issues. For example, business users often do not know what content to trust and how to use it. Governance issues have also developed a need for BI on BI, as in using BI to analyze BI user activity, data use, etc.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Commentary: Utah can be the world-class example of an inclusive culture

I’ve been leading companies in Utah, and therefore pitching our state while recruiting people to this community, for over 20 years now. Much has transpired in that period of time. Like the rest of the country, our community is evolving. We are becoming more diverse, which necessitates greater awareness, acceptance and inclusion. Sometimes change makes people uncomfortable, but change often comes about for good reason. In a world dominated by capitalism, profits and returns, the impact of companies on their communities used to be last on the...

Friday, April 6, 2018

Courtesy of Domo Here’s why ‘Domo ❤️ LGBTQ+’ billboards are lining I-15

AMERICAN FORK — Frequent commuters on I-15 will likely notice a change to their morning drive as Utah tech company Domo replaces its six billboards with a message of love for the LGBTQ community. Domo’s billboards — a mainstay on the busy freeway — are often known for their eyebrow-raising messages (“Kolob runs on Domo”), but will now feature a new campaign the company hopes is one of inclusion...

Friday, March 30, 2018

How Dell EMC is changing sales culture and results with data, Domo style

SUMMARY: Getting salespeople to use a new tool is one of the biggest challenges in enterprise software. But Dell EMC’s Matthew Coblentz had a plan. Here’s how his team is using Domo to change how sales is done – with noteworthy results.  We talk about the urgency to become data-driven. But how many are serious enough to go back to school mid-career? Matthew Coblentz is. At Domopalooza 2018, Coblentz told me why he did it:

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Earlier this month the always intriguing DOMO held Domopalooza 2018, an annual “edutainment” conference showcasing celebrities, music and dashboards. It is an event unlike any other in this space that reflects the colorful, unique vibe of the company’s culture. From the outside, it seems like DOMO may be maturing. Marketing has been less outrageous and DOMO’s offering is getting better with age. Here is a summary of the latest DOMO announcements...  

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How The New York Times is operationalizing its ad yield business with Domo

If you want to see me get a lot less jaded, and quickly, get me an interview with someone from a newspaper like The New York Times. That’s what happened at Domopalooza 2018, where I interviewed Jay Glogovsky of the New York Times, after he finished a customer-moderated media panel on the main stage. Though The New York Times is still grappling with a disrupted industry (e.g. falling print ad revenues), the timing for our chat is marked by encouraging digital revenues. In a recent earnings call, The Times’ chief executive Mark Thompson explained why subscriber revenue matters...

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Domo Focuses Its Cloud-Based Analytics Message, Adds Predictive Options

Domo insists its platform is aimed at business people, not data analysts. Here’s the appeal to CXOs and line-of-business types. The key message at Domopalooza 2018, March 13-15 in Salt Lake City, was that Domo is a platform for business, not a tool for techies. I’ve heard this platform messaging before, but it made sense for cloud-based analytics vendor Domo to emphasize its new “for the good of the company” slogan to try to set itself apart from competitors Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik. “Domo is an operating system that lets you run your business on your phone,” declared...

Sunday, March 18, 2018

What I learned at Domo’s User Conference - Domopalooza 2018

Domo, Inc. is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) and analytics company founded in 2010 by technology entrepreneur Josh James. Josh James previously founded the web analytics company Omniture, and he sold it to Adobe for $1.8 billion dollars. I started using Domo last summer, and I attended my first user conference last week. It was an amazing experience. At the conference, I was surrounded by engaging speakers, energized customers, and enthusiastic employees. Here are some of the key things I learned...