/ Data-Driven Decisions Are Both Science and Art

Data-Driven Decisions Are Both Science and Art

Here’s How to Strike the Balance

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of building data-driven cultures by striking a balance between the art and science of data. In this webinar, we are delighted to feature Kristie Rowley, Domo’s Director of Data Science, and Jason Harper, founder of RXA and Managing Director of RXA@OneMagnify, who will share their expertise on cultivating a culture that embraces both intuition and data-driven insight when making decisions. True success lies in the ability to both trust your instincts and guide them with solid data. Kristie and Jason will explore how this delicate balance can be achieved, providing practical strategies and invaluable insights for individuals and businesses alike.


Kristie J. Rowley, PhD

Director of AI Labs


Kristie J. Rowley, PhD, is the Director of AI Labs at Domo, Inc. She founded and directs Domo’s global Data Science Professional Services Team. With over 25 years of experience as a data science and organizational behavior consultant, she has effectively informed business strategy, decision-making, and policy for various organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, governments, and policy institutes. Dr. Rowley’s professional services practice specializes in developing production data science and machine learning solutions that drive significant business value and ROI. She also has expertise in DS/ML/AI education, having designed and taught graduate-level statistics, data science, and machine learning courses at multiple universities. Dr. Rowley’s work is showcased in over 25 peer-reviewed research articles, demonstrating her dedication to data science and its real-world applications.

Jason Harper

Managing Director


Jason Harper founded RXA, a data science professional services company, in 2016 and lead the business as CEO to its acquisition in 2023. Now serving as the Managing Director of RXA@OneMagnify, he continues to guide the organization as the analytics branch of OneMagnify.

Prior to founding RXA, Jason created and led the analytics practice at Ford Motor Company’s FordDirect and the Marketing Intelligence Group at Omnicom Agency, Organic, inc. In his 20-year career, Jason has held analytics leadership positions at several advertising agencies and brands and has worked across a variety of industries including healthcare, automotive, hospitality, CPG, tech, and banking.

His innovative data science work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, MIT Technology review, Ad Age and more. Additionally, Jason is named on 2 machine learning-based patents.

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