Cloud Amplifier

Connect and use data across your entire ecosystem.

Domo Cloud Amplifier is a hybrid architecture that seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing cloud and data infrastructure. With Cloud Amplifier, you can get the most value from your existing tech investments to scale data access, manage systems and cost, and maintain governance no matter where your data is stored.

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Access all your data—no matter where it is—to make quicker, more informed decisions.

No matter which cloud data platforms or databases you use today, Domo scales your organization’s data access. Efficiently manage your systems and costs and boost transparency into data spend while maintaining governance policies. IT can trust that Cloud Amplifier plays by their rules and empowers a data-driven culture.

Scale access to data across the org.

No need to move or duplicate data.

Support a growing demand for data and analytics from business users.

Collaboration and smooth handoffs between data engineers and data analysts.

Easily add new cloud data warehouses with flexible data sharing in existing systems.

"Instead of learning how all those spreadsheets were held together, we decided it was time to replace it with a data warehouse. We chose Domo."

Chris Panagitou


Efficiently and effectively manage systems and costs.

Increase processing speed and efficiency across complex data architectures to help modernize your data strategy.

Balance compute costs across all third-party cloud database providers.

Unite data across your entire ecosystem for a single source of truth.

Write data into third-party cloud databases using Domo’s Magic ETL or Connector library.

"We wanted to manage data as a corporate asset, and Domo was a good listener. They helped us draw a framework, an architecture, and a governance model that helped us achieve that."

Pedro Maia


Maintain data governance—and trust.

Preserve data security, governance, and compliance with Cloud Amplifier.

Use existing data governance rules established in your third-party cloud database provider.

Ensure data sovereignty and GPDR compliance across your data ecosystem.

Expand user access and capabilities without security risk.

"We didn’t have to go find a visualization tool, an ETL tool, a cloud data warehouse, and spend all that money and effort integrating it all together. Domo has all of that at its disposal."

Adam Skinner


Build the cloud architecture that works for you.

Domo’s cloud flexibility means that, in addition to Cloud Amplifier, you can use any combination of the following to determine your ideal cloud architecture.

to query data from your cloud and avoid duplicating it in Domo.
to bring data into Domo from any data warehouse, data lake, on-premises, or proprietary data source.
either as your primary data store or to augment your existing data stack.

Domo's Data Storage Options

Domo Cloud Domo Federated Domo Cloud Amplifier Storage Domo Cloud Remains in source system Snowflake, Google Big Query, Amazon Redshift, Dremio, Databricks. Alerting When data updates Only on set schedule When data updates Data visualization Full capabilities Full capabilities Full capabilities Connectors 1,000+ connectors Not available 1,000+ connectors Data Prep Full capabilities Limited Full capabilities Enterprise Management Full capabilities Most capabilities Full capabilities Caching System managed Manual setting Configurable auto-caching

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