/ Cloud Data Integration for Analytics

Cloud Data Integration for Analytics

Cloud data integration will power the future of analytics. But building modern analytics for the enterprise is becoming more challenging due to issues around complexity within IT infrastructure, limitations in governance, and the inability to properly provide data access to users at the speed of business, which all play a role in limiting the potential of enterprise data ecosystems.

This whitepaper explores how best practices and principles in cloud data integration for analytics results in superior data products which enable business impact and a competitive advantage for organizations.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • How to access, analyze, and act upon data to meet the needs of technical IT managers and business users alike
  • Why integration for analytics, rather than system application integration, requires different tools but can deliver a competitive advantage
  • How cloud data integration maximizes value in data architecture investments
  • How to implement proper governance standards for data integration
  • How to distinguishing integration processes from business intelligence tools

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