/ The Rise of the Data Vision Leader

The Rise of the Data Vision Leader

Businesses today are dealing with high demand for data–and larger volumes of data than ever before. While most organizations have business intelligence (BI) teams that are either centralized or sit within a line of business, these BI teams can’t keep up with the scope of data and demands for it. This leads to data silos and a lack of visibility into critical business data.

To combat this problem, a growing number of organizations are looking to implement a data vision leader role. While this role may go by several job titles, the goal of it is to empower someone who can facilitate a data-centric organizational mindset and understand how to enable employees with data in their everyday work.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • What the data vision leader role entails
  • The value that a data vision leader can bring to your organization
  • The ideal persona for a data vision leader

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