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If you're like most operations professionals, you recognize the value of effectively communicating data. But it's hard to convey company health and inefficiencies to leadership when you're too busy wrangling the data you need to make decisions.

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Run a lean, mean business.

To keep operations running smoothly, you need data from every corner of your organization—and you need it now. Domo lets you integrate and analyze data from disparate sources on demand, so you can rest easy knowing you're acting with full knowledge and understanding of all relevant data.

Access all your operational and customer data in one place

Communicate company health with intuitive visualizations

Improve efficiency with pre-built best-practice metrics and KPIs

Make data-driven decisions.

Your data is only as valuable as its availability. Domo delivers operations insights in real time, so you're never at risk of basing critical decisions on incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated information.

Improve reaction time.

When you're trying to run a smooth operation, you don't have time to chase down reports. Domo delivers automated reports and pre-built best practice metrics so you can focus on what matters most and make decisions when they count.

Manage by exception

By setting alerts on your business' most important metrics, you can spend less time chasing reports and more time focusing on operation efficiency. That's management by exception at its finest.

Manage your business from anywhere

Your business doesn't stop moving when you leave the office. With a seamless experience on any mobile device, Domo delivers the metrics you need, wherever you happen to be.

A solution for every role.

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