Get more value from your data across your entire retail enterprise.

Integrate data from different sources and systems across supply chain, retail ops, e-comm, IoT and more to uncover insights and optimize planning and execution.

Solve more data challenges across the retail value chain.

How to Create The Next-Generation Retail Experience

Over the last few years, retailers have faced monumental changes in shopping patterns and habits. And uncertainty still exists. How can everyone from mass merchants to store owners equip themselves to handle whatever disruptions come next? The answer lies in data and analytics.

Download this whitepaper to explore how and why retailers can use their data to improve customer focus, level up operations, and create a resilient supply chain.

Learn how Domo helps retail teams:

Connect data from across the entire enterprise.
Integrate thousands of data sources retailers care about most: point of sale, e-commerce, planning, CRM, ERP, and more, unlocking previously hidden data points.
Interpret and use real-time data at speed.
Rapidly equip everyone—from marketers to store manager to supply chain specialists—with insights to power proactive, fast decision-making.
Extend the reach and value of your data.
Build apps tailored to the requirements of your business workflows with no coding required and distribute your data and analytics to vendors and partners.

Connect your data from across the entire enterprise.

Gain a 360-degree view across customer, operations, finance, marketing, and sales by integrating thousands of data sources from any system including inventory management, point of sale, workforce management, ERP, and CRM.

Connect your data from across the entire enterprise.

Integrate data from any source, across planning and execution. Transform your data and make it accessible to business users while maintaining security.

Break down silos, collaborate, and take action. Facilitate collaboration by equipping everyone from omnichannel marketers, to store managers, to supply chain specialists with the insights they need to make confident decisions.

Interpret and use real-time data at speed.

Interpret and use real-time data at speed.

Equip everyone, from retail executives to store managers, with the full picture view. With one source of data, you can power informed decision-making and eliminate unknowns.

Leverage unparalleled time to insight. Access insights on your top-selling products, location performance, inventory stockouts and more, directly from your mobile device.

Act on real-time insights. Act faster by getting real-time access to your key KPIs, such as fulfilment, merchandise availability, inventory levels, and more.

Make better decisions. Configure automated alerts to signal the need for action and leverage predictive insights with machine learning and data science tools.

Expand the access and the reach of your data.

Expand the access and the reach of your data.

Build apps tailored to your requirements with no coding required. Gain even greater visibility into your data by sharing it inside and outside of your organization.

Unleash self-service data analytics. Empower business users to visualize and analyze data through Domo’s intuitive interface right from their computers or phones.

Drive action from your data. Build intelligent apps and automate workflows for your retail business and operations.

Distribute your data and analytics to partners and vendors. Share data with your vendors and partners, enable integration of their data and leverage data monetization opportunities.