See how Domo helped ShareThis make sense of billions of bits of data.

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See how Domo helped ShareThis make sense of billions of bits of data.

The finance dilemma.

Transforming financial data into a cohesive story drains time, resources, and sanity. To keep tabs on everything, you need data from accounting platforms, ERP systems, spreadsheets, and a bevy of legacy software. It’s hard to show people the money when your data is all over the place.


"I can be confident my team understands our key financial metrics, and that they can review things like CMRR, gross bookings, or gross churn anytime. They don’t have to wait for a report to show up in their email."

The solution.

Domo brings all your finance data together in one place, and makes it easier than ever to communicate your financial health to key stakeholders. With relevant, real-time data at your fingertips, you can mitigate doubt from financial decisions.


    Connect to any source of financial data you need, and merge sources together to drill for insights they can’t give you individually.

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    Manual reporting is a drag. Domo prepares data automatically so you can spend less time waiting on answers and more time acting on them.

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    Bar graphs and pie charts belong in the 90’s. Domo’s intuitive visualizations make financial reports easy to consume.

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    Wondering what caused that spike in revenue yesterday? With Domo, you can collaborate with your team right where the data lives—no need to schedule a meeting or conference call.

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    Domo’s platform helps you make better-informed decisions in less time, so you can maximize  profitability and productivity.

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    A solution for every role.

    Connect to your financial data.

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    Get answers with Domo apps.


    They say you aren’t really making money until you’re making money in your sleep. But what if you’re losing money in your sleep. How do you even know? Wake up to fresh reporting and real-time forecasting.

    • Compare your current income statement to any previous period
    • Track gross profit margin and operating margin on a daily basis
    • Set text and email alerts for disproportionate spending

    Finance Trends

    If you don’t want to get paid, make the finance department angry. If you don’t want to get tangled in a web of disconnected spreadsheets and legacy systems, get the Finance Trend App.

    • Forecast Profit & Loss in real-time
    • Set accountability across teams
    • Create alerts for a more proactive and seamless payroll

    Balance Sheet

    Your balance sheet is a lot more than just a piece of paper — it’s the pulse of your business. Combine it with better data so you can make faster, smarter, decisions for a healthier business.

    • Determine how well your business is utilizing it’s current assets
    • Analyze your shareholder’s equity percent change by quarter
    • Set alerts for increases in capital expenditure

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