In need of deeper insights, Apria upped its dosage with Domo.

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In need of deeper insights, Apria upped its dosage with Domo.

Sick of change?

Medical professionals are accustomed to reform. Change is just about the only constant in healthcare. But how do you make sure government reform and changing policies don’t damage your bottom line?

Reporting is a pill.

Like a disease, disconnected systems and spreadsheets have spread all over the healthcare industry, making it difficult to use the data you do have. For more satisfied patients and healthier margins, clinics, hospitals and practices need data-driven solutions that don’t add to wait times.


"I can be confident my team understands our key financial metrics, and that they can review things like CMRR, gross bookings, or gross churn anytime. They don’t have to wait for a report to show up in their email."

Domo goes down easy.

Domo combines real-time data from every system into one intuitive dashboard so you can tailor reports to the needs of doctors and patients. From checking on patient care to seeing revenue cycles, Domo makes it easy to manage your practice from anywhere.

  • Track the quality of care
  • Decrease cost per outcome
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Monitor the effectiveness of new treatments

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