Simplify and streamline storage logistics.

Domo’s federated data model allows you to use data from your existing data lakes and data warehouses without duplicating it in Domo, enabling faster implementation and lower maintenance and overhead costs.

Federated data is supported with several leading cloud data warehouses.

Optimize your infrastructure investments.

Make the most of your existing data warehouse investments with federated query capabilities included as a standard part of the Domo platform.

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Avoid redundant data copies.

Simplify storage logistics and avoid duplication.

Pull only the data you need from your data warehouse or lake, and no more.

Queries are sent directly to your data warehouse and translated from Domo query language to the SQL format of your current database technology.

Control and protect your data.

Maintain control by defining the time to live for the cache and granting access only to approved database tables.

Integrate Domo with your SSO provider so that data can be filtered based on user details defined by your SSO provider.

Protect data in all stages of its life cycle with encryption in transit and at rest.

Use your firewalls to control all inbound and outbound traffic in-transit.

Keep response times quick.

A persistent socket connection minimizes traffic and helps avoid latency issues.

Automatic load balancing toward the client-side agents with the most capacity ensures fast performance.

Create federated datasets faster.

Create federated DataSets in just a few steps with Domo’s federated adapters.

Simply enter your account credentials for your data warehouse for setup.

Once setup is complete, your federated DataSets are available for administration alongside all your other Domo DataSets.

Explore Domo’s data integration features.

Domo does data integration like no one else.

The Domo Business Cloud is where work gets done faster and smarter.

Domo can help you harness the power of your data with apps to drive business action.

Reporting & Dashboards

Create interactive, custom dashboards with ease.

Self-service Analytics

Make data accessible to all and free up analysts' time.

Data Sharing & Embedded Analytics

Share analytics securely with customers and partners.

Data Apps

Provide teams with data apps to solve business problems.



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