Danaher was operating on old data and hoping for the best. With Domo, they’re changing outcomes.

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Danaher was operating on old data and hoping for the best. With Domo, they’re changing outcomes.

What’s in your toolbox?

Manufacturers know the importance of having the right tools for the job. But when your job includes automating supply chains, delivery timelines and product quality, it’s tough to choose one tool that’s just right. Domo’s got you covered with comprehensive analysis, easy reporting, and powerful management tools.

Flex your big data muscles.

In today’s economy, Manufacturers require lots of data and powerful tools. By combining the two, you can get customized analytics and reports from the assembly floor to the client’s door, in just a few clicks.


"In just 20 minutes I can reconcile my sales data to what shows up in my ledger. Users can slice the pie all different ways, and that's fine because I know the data is solid."

Domo hits the nail on the head.

Domo is the optimization software every manufacturer needs to get the job done right. Keep up with inventory, check on supply chain efficiency and forecast production, all from a single platform. With Domo, all your important data is in one place, always available, so you don’t have to be.

  • Track your important performance metrics (utilization, efficiency, quality, waste, safety, OTD)
  • Monitor products, times and lines to solve problems faster
  • Ensure actual costs are tracking properly against budgets
  • Collaborate across teams, departments, and facilities
  • Forecast inventory needs and production capacity for increased efficiency

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