Create visibility that leads to data-driven action.

Integrate data from your supply chain, manufacturing, IoT, and distribution to uncover valuable insights and optimize operations.

Solve more data challenges across your manufacturing supply chain:

Learn how Domo helps manufacturing teams:

Connect data from across the enterprise and external sources.
Integrate thousands of data sources, including third-party data, to unlock previously hidden and dark data points.
Interpret and use real-time data at speed.
Rapidly equip everyone—including corporate teams, shop and factory floor personnel, and distributors—with the insights they need to power proactive and faster decision-making.
Extend the reach and value of your data.
Share relevant data with vendors, customers, and partners to maintain transparency across the value chain and drive action through apps and workflows.

Connect enterprise and external data.

Get a complete snapshot of your business across procurement, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, sales and marketing, finance, and more.

Connect your data from across the entire enterprise.

Unite data and streamline operational processes. Integrate data from any source, including inventory and warehouse management, CPQ, ERP, CRM, and workforce management and connect it with your manufacturing operational systems.

Break down silos and take action. Break down information silos across teams to avoid unplanned downtime, maximize efficiency, and highlight or even predict maintenance needs and issues.

Interpret and use real-time data at speed.

Interpret and use real-time data at speed.

Set automated alerts for delayed or at-risk assemblies, orders, and deliveries to course-correct immediately, maintaining a positive customer and supplier experience.

Leverage unparalleled time to insight. From corporate analysts to plant managers, your organization can actively monitor and act on metrics and KPIs like forecasts, plant performance, and sales metrics—all in real-time.

Increase data accuracy. Real-time data analysis ensures that your team is using the most up-to-date data which eliminates the chance of misinterpreting data or miss big opportunities.

Expand the access and the reach of your data.

Extend the reach and value of your data.

Generate additional value both inside and outside of your organization by sharing data with suppliers and customers.

Unleash the power of self-service data analytics. Empower users to visualize and analyze data with intelligent apps that optimize processes across purchasing inventory, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing and increase transparency.

Make manufacturing decisions based on real insights. Integrate data with your suppliers and customers to create a holistic view of your operations, allowing you to share insights like percentage of full and on-time deliveries or last month’s retail store sales by SKU.