Encourage innovation, maintain control.

Encourage BI teams to innovate, build, and test without disturbing your production environment.

Empower BI teams to innovate.

Maintaining a reliable and consistent BI experience for users can mean focusing on a production environment at the expense of innovation for BI teams. Domo’s Sandbox allows you to separate these two tasks.

Build and test
new visualizations in a separate testing environment.

Easily promote content
once it’s ready for consumption.

Avoid disruptive downtime
and maintenance.

Build rigorous data operation processes.

As BI teams grow, development environments like Sandbox become important not just for innovation and testing, but for implementing robust governance as well.

Assign development
and promotion permissions at a user level.

Create walls
around sensitive data or visual look and feel.

Control content promotion
with streamlined approval workflows.

Protect against interruptions and downtime.

Organizations depend on data to make key business decisions. This puts pressure on BI teams to prioritize reliability and avoid costly interruptions. Sandbox helps relieve that pressure.

Test in a controlled environment
and promote content only when it’s ready.

Revert errors to previous working versions
while correcting those errors in a separate environment.

Putting your data to work

Explore the data experiences that trigger better, faster decisions across every team and function.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Create interactive, easy-to-use visualizations that support "Aha!" moments.

Reporting & Self-Service Analytics

Modernize your reporting with real-time data that everyone can self-serve.

Business Apps

Build low- or pro-code apps that improve operational processes.

Embedded Analytics

Securely share data and insights outside your organization.


Deliver actionable data experiences that scale with an AI framework you can trust.




Domo Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Augmented BI Platforms, Q3 2021


Data Governance 360: Managing Data Assets from End-to-End to Drive Successful Business Outcomes

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