Governance Toolkit

Streamline & automate data governance.

Domo’s Governance Toolkit is a collection of tools that can be used separately or together to make data governance more accessible to business users, ease administrator workload, and reduce errors.

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Reduce manual work.

Reduce human error that can result from repetitive data admin tasks. With our Governance Toolkit, you can run several tasks with automated, customizable workflows:

Generate user groups from datasets and automate group management.

Automatically add or remove users and control user attributes.

Automatically apply personalized data permissions across multiple datasets.

Schedule reports to trigger on a dataset update or alert trigger.

Scale efficiently.

As your company grows and changes, you must keep up with data governance demands. Complete critical governance tasks reliably and in less time with Domo’s flexible infrastructure—no need to deploy, maintain, and support your own infrastructure.

Configure jobs to operate across the entire instance, ramping up or down as needed.

Ensure reliable jobs with easy building, cloning, and scheduling.

Modify datasets faster by copying datasets between instances and changing schemas without DataFlows.

Ensure compliance.

Stay in compliance with data governance requirements with built-in audit logs that track all runtime activity so you can see how your organization is using Domo and make any needed adjustments quickly.

Report across all your Domo instances with DomoStats, Domo's tool for observability metrics.

Add dataset tags to easily report on usage and key data attributes.

Automatically copy datasets out of Domo into AWS to meet corporate governance requirements.

Constant innovation.

Our Governance Toolkit is constantly evolving, and we add new features on a regular basis based on feedback from our clients. Rest assured that Domo will continue to build and expand on the Toolkit.

Putting your data to work

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Create interactive, easy-to-use visualizations that support "Aha!" moments.

Reporting & Self-Service Analytics

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Embedded Analytics

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