Domo Workflows

Intelligently integrate and automate business processes.

With Domo Workflows, anyone can streamline workflows and boost productivity while leveraging the power of data and AI.

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Free up your resources with automation at scale.

Spend less time on cumbersome tasks with Domo Workflows: a low-code automation tool that empowers everyone to streamline data-driven processes, so you can focus on what matters most.

Automate, orchestrate, and integrate.

Make your operations more efficient, reliable, and scalable by automating repetitive tasks. When you integrate your software tools into Workflows, you can map out your business processes, eliminate data silos, and boost overall productivity in your operations.
Use cases

Here are just a few ways Domo Workflows can automate processes:


Transform your business operations.

Automate so you can optimize.

Reduce hours of error-prone, manual work, and let Workflows handle the repetitive steps in your processes to make them more reliable, scalable, and efficient.
Here are examples of what you can automate with Workflows:

Adjust your pricing based on dynamic triggers.

Update your sales forecasts based on trends and seamlessly initiate the changes upon receiving approval.

Save money by automatically verifying account users and disabling inactive accounts in the source system.

Automatically detect anomalies in your data, create a support ticket, and notify stakeholders.

Orchestrate steps and actions.

Your complex business processes rely on the coordination of numerous tasks, activities, and resources. Orchestrating business processes helps increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.
Workflows gives you the tools to:

Map out business processes, including who and what is involved.

Define what actions should be taken based on data at different points in the process.

Connect user actions so everyone stays on task.

Alert stakeholders inside and outside your company of what to do and when.

Integrate platforms, users, and data.

Integrate disparate software tools to build streamlined processes that break down data silos and improve efficiency. With Domo Workflows, you can connect to third-party data sources and APIs, allowing virtually any SaaS applications to communicate with each other.
Here are examples of what you can integrate with Workflows:

Web analytics tools

Data platforms

E-commerce systems

CRM platforms

Travel booking systems

Email marketing platforms

Billing systems

Domo Integration

Unlock the full power of Domo with Workflows

Domo offers a host of tools that complement and augment the capabilities that live inside Workflows.

Kick off a Workflow from inside of an approval process.


Use alert parameters linked to datasets and cards to trigger Workflows.

Cloud Functions

A library of popular functions makes building workflows even simpler.

Business Apps

Integrate Workflows with events and triggers that occur inside Business Apps.


Optimize and automate your dataflows.


Automate the updating or export of datasets.

Jupyter Notebooks

Leverage machine learning capabilities in Jupyter workspaces.


Infuse AI with your Workflow solutions.


Discover the possibilities of Workflows by checking out our how-to guides.


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