Handle massive datasets at lightning speed.

As data needs grow exponentially, business leaders need to analyze huge datasets at speed. Adrenaline DataFlows makes this easy, allowing analysts to answer critical business questions in minutes.

Unlock the full power of large datasets.

Analyzing massive input datasets can mean waiting hours for transforms and refreshes. Adrenaline DataFlows easily separates relevant data into smaller summary datasets, speeding processes and avoiding costly timeouts.

Run analyses more often, increasing agility and reducing pressure on individual decisions.

Adjust quickly when a transformation fails, instead of waiting hours.

Run more impactful analyses.

Adrenaline DataFlows can open the door to deeper analyses and use cases that might not have been feasible or even possible with legacy tools. Segmenting and summarizing multi-billion-row datasets allow users to run analyses like:

Seasonality effects on item sales at a store level.

Focused outlier and fraud detection.

Period-over-period performance of important financial metrics by region.

Amplify BI’s business impact.

Powering your analyses with Adrenaline DataFlows unlocks the full power of your largest datasets and increases BI’s impact across the organization.

Empower business users with lightning-fast load times on cards and dashboards.

Democratize analytics to the entire organization by processing all data, not just some.

Build stronger relationships between data and business leaders by answering strategic questions quickly.

Putting your data to work

Explore the data experiences that trigger better, faster decisions across every team and function.

Visualizations & Dashboards

Create interactive, easy-to-use visualizations that support "Aha!" moments.

Reporting & Self-Service Analytics

Modernize your reporting with real-time data that everyone can self-serve.

Business Apps

Build low- or pro-code apps that improve operational processes.

Embedded Analytics

Securely share data and insights outside your organization.


Deliver actionable data experiences that scale with an AI framework you can trust.




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