/ Increase productivity by incorporating automation apps in your business

Increase productivity by incorporating automation apps in your business

Automation apps are handy tools that automatically perform specified actions in response to specific occurrences. You may choose which actions you want it to take and the timing of those activities. Because automation apps are so adaptable, you can get them to perform the majority of routine business functions.

By automating business operations that would typically take significantly longer to execute manually, businesses can run more efficiently and save time. With automation apps, companies can work more efficiently with fewer employees while freeing up workday time to promote business expansion, develop new goods and services, increase profits, and boost productivity.

Consider task-tool technologies for your company if you or your employees spend much time on repetitive chores like data entry or emailing. These technologies automate tedious processes, freeing you up to concentrate on the job that matters.

Businesses need to increase productivity to improve their bottom line by saving time and money. The secret to making your business grow is automation.


Examples of automation apps


Tasker is one of the most potent automation apps available. You can automate anything using Tasker, including backing up crucial files, sending emails, and downloading files. Tasker includes an App Factory function that allows you to bundle and export your great automation projects as independent apps that anyone may install, even if they don’t own Tasker.


Zapier is an excellent tool for increasing productivity and saving time. The purpose of the Zapier app is to automate processes by creating “zaps.” Zaps are essentially task designs to integrate apps without launching them separately. By automating with Zapier, you stop performing chores repeatedly. You’re able to link your regularly used apps and programs, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Hootsuite, and Twitter, with Zapier. As a result, you can utilize all of your web apps simultaneously.


Jotform is also used as a marketing automation tool by integrating with other apps and programs. With Jotform, you can produce dynamic documents that change in reaction to a user’s form submission and responses, personalize autoresponder emails, and more.

Insightly CRM

This sales automation app provides workflow automation that makes your sales staff more efficient and enables them to spend more time connecting with leads rather than wasting it on menial duties. Sales agents can automate everything with Insightly CRM, from emailing to data entry.


Business managers who use Xero can automate time-consuming financial and administrative tasks such as automated invoices and scheduled payments. You can keep up with the financial status of your business with real-time updates, and you can connect to the app anytime and anywhere.




One of the best automation apps for managing social media is Hootsuite. Businesses can organize their social media marketing efforts and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns with this app. You’re able to easily link a variety of social networking accounts with Hootsuite. Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, and Facebook are all compatible with Hootsuite.


The Activebatch app makes automated operations easier. The design supports FTP file events, tweets, message queues, emails, and more. You can use these connectors to automate ticketing procedures. You may easily connect to other services, applications, and servers using APIs.


QuickBooks is one of the top accounting program automation apps, which is ideal for all businesses. The program offers capabilities to monitor spending, tax computation, invoice management, and more. You can automate bill-paying, profit and loss reporting, and data visualization using Quickbooks.


Kissflow provides a simple method for process automation. The app offers over 50 programs for paying vendors, hiring new employees, and placing orders. Zapier supports the collaboration suite, allowing you to link it with any app you choose. This kind of automated software makes it simple to grow your business.


Advantages of automation

There are numerous advantages to utilizing automation apps for businesses, regardless of the automation app used. Some benefits of using automation apps include:

Increases operational efficiency

Automation frees up time for your business to concentrate on its primary goals by reducing time, effort, and expense while lowering manual errors. Repeated chores get done more quickly.

Boosts product quality

Process automation ensures high-quality outcomes since every activity checks out consistently and without human error.

Raises employee satisfaction

Manual labor is tedious. Automation boosts employee satisfaction by enabling them to work on more exciting and fulfilling tasks.

Improves client satisfaction

Customer satisfaction increases due to happier staff, quicker processing, and time savings, allowing teams to focus on serving customers better.


Reduces costs

By efficiently using their time, businesses can either boost output without growing their staff or reduce payroll expenses while maintaining the same output level.

Eliminates human error

Automation significantly eliminates or lowers human data entry and insight errors, and productivity increases because less time is devoted to low-level, repetitive labor.

Enhances collaboration

Automation reduces employee resentment and gives them more time to interact, which usually speeds up work, boosts problem-solving, and encourages innovations. The collaboration process keeps the team informed so they can help each other complete tasks and achieve their objectives sooner.

Generates enhanced insights

Automation increases the leadership’s capacity to monitor the progress of a business process and comprehend its steps. Automation standardizes corporate procedures, which promotes equity and eliminates biases that could skew insights.

Process improvement is more straightforward, leading to quicker and better business results.


Crucial business areas to automate

Organizations should automate several business areas to make operations more efficient. Some of these areas are:


Marketing automation organizes the timely distribution of marketing messages via predetermined channels and coordinates their schedules. Therefore, marketing automation can be applied to various media, including display, social, paid search, short message services, and email marketing.


Financial functions are highly structured and primarily involve working with numerical values. Financial reports such as invoices can be partially or entirely automated. Doing this can minimize mistakes, lower expenses, and boost productivity.


Proposal development, commissions management, contract management, lead generation, sales quota, transaction detail tracking, and customer contact messaging should be automated to increase speed and efficiency.

Product development

Automation in product development allows highly skilled workers to work more productively and efficiently while delivering outcomes more quickly.

Customer support

Automation can significantly reduce expenses while increasing customer satisfaction. For instance, chatbots on e-commerce websites can swiftly and affordably respond to lower-level client inquiries and free up human care representatives to deal with larger issues.

General business activities

Best practice suggests that you automate all your routine general business activities if you’re able in order to reduce errors and improve the productivity of employees.



Using automation apps in business saves time by automating business tasks that usually take much longer to complete if completed manually. Therefore, incorporating automation apps into your organization will efficiently allocate more time to fostering business growth.

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