Introducing Domo’s new Retail Suite.
Powerful apps that put information into the hands of everyone in your retail organization, in real time, the moment they need it to make an impact.

Retail & eCommerce

Today’s consumer is savvy–spotting deals, telling friends, and affecting your bottom line without ever stepping foot in the store. Everyone in retail—from omnichannel marketers, to store managers, to supply chain specialists—is thirsting for real-time data to get the edge.

Retail & Ecommerce

I think the biggest impact that Domo has had is getting everyone to look at the same thing at the same time. There’s a lot of different reports that are in an email or are in some other system that you have to log into. For me, it's the only thing I've ever seen that's given me a true holistic view of my business. That's unlike anything I've seen elsewhere.