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Stance is dedicated to the spirit of individuality with a design philosophy that believes in expression and function. Building outstanding socks with the best fit and performance characteristics from the highest quality materials is the unspoken priority.



Departments using Domo

CEO/C-Suite, Finance, IT

The challenge. Limited Visibility | No Real-time Data

"Before Domo, we had no way to see how each part of our business affected each other. I felt like a CEO with a blindfold on."

— Jeff Kearl | Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

The results.

"We could never see all our critical data in one place and we didn’t understand how every arm of the business was affecting each other. Now, we have one place where all our KPIs live. All our leaders are finally speaking the same language with Domo."

"As a retailer we’re often reliant on performance-based lines of credit. Now we can track performance by product category, type, style and whatever else we want in order to procure the right inventory at the best rates."

"Domo allows me, as a CEO, to focus on the things that matter and ignore all the things that are happening just like they are supposed to. It’s incredibly fast and easy and it allows me to focus on the things that matter now. Domo gives me answers before I even ask the questions."

"I’m addicted. It’s one of the first things I look at every morning and I continue looking at it all day. I love to click a chart and keep drilling down until I’ve been able to answer every question I have. Domo is so dynamic — it’s absolutely changing the way we do business."

The bottom line.

"I think the apps in the corners of your phone say a lot about you. To sum up my love affair with Domo, it’s my bottom-right app."

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