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Traeger Grills was founded in 1985 in Oregon and was the first grilling company to implement wood pellet technology for the barbecue, cooking food via convection. Now based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Traeger Grills continues to make its signature wood pellet grills that transformed an industry that hadn’t seen innovation in decades. From high-quality wood pellets to cloud-connected grills that let you control your grill right from your smart phone, Traeger Grills has not only disrupted the grilling industry, it’s transformed the entire grilling experience. For Traeger Grills customers, grilling’s not just a way of life, it is life.




Departments using Domo

CEO/C-Suite, Finance, IT

The challenge. You can’t scale a business based on instinct.

"If the CEO doesn’t get a report for a week or two, how is anyone building their business without access to data? "

— Jeremy Andrus | CEO

The results.

"Domo’s Magic ETL makes it super easy to transform data, which means you have the power of SQL without having to understand the language."

Dave Gebert | Director of Business Analysis

"One thing that Domo has really helped us with is the centralization of data. Previously, a lot of our data would be disjoined, so sales might exist in one system, shipments in a different system, but then inbound information might be separate, and so it becomes difficult to get a comprehensive view of your different business processes."

Dave Gebert | Director of Business Analysis

"You need some level of automation that tells you when you’ve hit a guardrail. We set alerts across many different data points in the business. If we operate outside of a gross margin, a guardrail that we’ve set up, we get an alert immediately."

Jeremy Andrus | CEO

"I was hooked the first time I opened the app on my phone. Real-time, anywhere in the world, in my back pocket, I had access. I wake up in the morning, I look at my Domo app, I know 100 things that have happened to the business while I’ve been sleeping."

Jeremy Andrus | CEO

"Providing access to data has empowered everyone across the organization. I can layer on visualizations and then share it across the organization to provide everyone with real-time data that they don’t have to ask me for on a weekly or daily basis."

Dominic Blosil | CFO

The bottom line.

"Domo is our central source of information. When there’s a question that needs to be answered, it’s assumed that it’s going to be answered through Domo.”
Nick Peterson | Director of Financial Planning and Analytics

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