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Interactive data to inform your next steps. Free to use, embed, and share.


Scalable data distribution from start to finish.

With Domo’s embedded analytics solution, you can distribute personalized dashboards to your clients and partners whether embedded in the portals you build, integrated with the software you sell, or connected across the instances Domo hosts.

Scalable data distribution from start to finish.

Simplify administration.

Bring all of your data sources together, ensure the data is clean and accurate, and manage security and access to your data.

Launch in days.

With just a few clicks, create dashboards with responsive design and custom interactions, then make them available to users.

Drive revenue.

Sharing seamlessly integrated data strengthens partnerships, retains customers, and drives monetization of your data.

Flexible hosting options.

Flexible hosting options.

With Domo Everywhere, you can host your own solution or let us host it for you:

If you host your own portal or application and users are already comfortable signing into your systems, keep your team focused on core solution development. Then embed Domo as your embedded analytics platform. 

If you need hosting, you can connect your data, create dashboards, and publish data to your subscribers across fully managed Domo instances. 

Create dashboards with no coding.

With Domo Stories, create curated dashboards and flexible layouts by simply dragging and dropping, then paste the embed code or publish it to another Domo instance. 

Create dashboards with no coding.

Combine your own colors, images, and commentary to emphasize specific metrics.

Foster self-service exploration with filter, drill, and link interactions.

Automatically filter all charts when a user clicks on any part of the visuals.

"Embed delivered more interactive dashboards in two weeks than we were about to create in 18 months. A three-page trial helped us upsell hundreds of customers to the six-page premium version. This is our fastest growing revenue stream."

Ruben Visser | Product Manager

Share approved and relevant content.

Share approved and relevant content.

With Domo Everywhere, you can give thousands of individuals access through relevant filters, whether they have a Domo account or not.

With Domo, there’s no need to rebuild authentication:

Integrate with any identity provider for SSO so users only have to log in once.

Define new entitlement policies in Domo with personalized data permissions (PDP).

Use the policies you have already set up externally with Programmatic Filters in server-side code.

"We assumed putting our most experienced engineers on our in-page analytics project would deliver the reporting our customers needed. Six years later we still struggled with scale. Embed delivered the interactivity we needed in weeks."

Joe Trapani | Product Architect

Maintain your brand with white labeling.

Success is when all customer attention is focused on the value of your solutions. That’s why Domo adapts to look, feel, and act like an OEM part of your systems. Domo Everywhere offers several options for white labeling to make your dashboards feel like a native part of your application.

Get world-class security.

Get world-class security.

Rest easy with Domo’s security, compliance and data governance tools.

  • Get compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 1/2 and ISO standards.
  • Bring your own key (BYOK) data encryption features encryption keys that change three times more often.
  • Control data access with personalized data permissions at user and row levels.
  • Grant access by role with SSO and Active Directory integration and manage permissions at scale with APIs.