“Domo Everywhere lets us give more confidence to franchisees.”

Bill Crane

Senior Vice President of Information Technology

Home Franchise Concepts is one of the largest direct-to-consumer franchise companies in North America, with more than 2,600 franchised territories in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.



Departments using Domo

BI, CEO/C-Suite, Marketing

Challenge: Home Franchise Concepts was restricted by a business intelligence process that was static, manual, and inconsistent. 

Solution: Domo enables the franchisor to collect data from its six CRMs across its 10 brands, along with its corporate data and marketing data from sources like Google Analytics, to create a single source of truth for analysis and decision-making.

Impact: Using Domo Everywhere, franchisees can now access intuitive dashboards for near-real time insights.


Home Franchise Concepts expands data to 2,600 territories with Domo.

Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) is dedicated to helping people go into business for themselves, but not by themselves. By leveraging Domo, HFC is able to share the data and insights its 2,600 franchise territories across ten brands need to build a successful business.

Domo helps us give franchisees better access to data that they couldn’t get before, or was hard to get,” said Bill Crane, Senior Vice President of Information Technology at HFC. “Our goal is to empower them, enable them, and make them more successful. That’s how we become more successful.”


Sharing insights with Domo Everywhere.

Before Domo, HFC struggled to turn its voluminous data into insights due to a business intelligence process that was static, manual, and inconsistent.

Messy is a good word to describe our state before Domo,” said Chris Lombard, Director, BI and Foundational Systems at HFC. “We couldn’t tell what was driving sales or revenue, and everyone had their own way of doing things. You might get four different answers to a question depending on who you asked.”

Thanks to Domo, HFC is able to collect data from its six CRMs used across its ten brands, along with its corporate data and marketing data from sources like Google Analytics, to create a single source of truth for analysis and decision-making.

Not only is our executive team using it to make decisions about the company or an individual brand, but we’re now getting data into the hands of associates who are able to do their jobs faster,” Lombard said. “Domo Everywhere lets us bring information down to the franchisee level so they can see what’s going to help them move their business. They use it to make better decisions about hiring, products to promote, which leads to prioritize, and which territories to focus on to drive revenue.”

With Domo Everywhere, the corporate analytics team evolved beyond sending franchisees a monthly, static PDF to providing access to near-real time insights. “We built the dashboard, and using Domo Everywhere they now have data at their fingertips every day. The feedback has been so positive, so exciting. They feel like it’s really clean and understandable,” Lombard said.

Before Domo, a franchisee might feel like their leads are down but wouldn’t know for sure or why. Now they can self-serve data to see exactly what’s happening,” Crane said. “Domo Everywhere lets us give more confidence to franchisees.”


Increasing marketing insights.

The corporate marketing team at HFC is responsible for building brand awareness for each of the company’s ten brands, in addition to ensuring that local franchisees have healthy lead flow. Before Domo, the marketing team would spend hours gathering, cleansing, and reporting on data.

We weren’t able to make decisions about optimizing quickly, which meant we were leaving leads and money on the table,” said Lena Singleton, Vice President, Digital Marketing at HFC. “Now we have all the data we need at the click of a button, regardless of the channel, the brand, the campaign, everything. Now we’re getting the answers we need to move the needle and drive results.”


By using Domo to maximize reporting efficiency, the HFC marketing team now has more time available for analysis. “Instead of spending eight hours a week creating a certain report, our team now spends their time looking into the data and proactively finding opportunities to optimize,” Singleton said. “If you’re looking to have accurate data at your fingertips to enable you to make decisions quickly, Domo is the tool for you.”

One way the marketing team uses Domo is to analyze cross-channel performance to understand which channels are driving results. Before Domo, the team only had the time to do this analysis once a month. “Now we’re meeting weekly as a team to analyze the data and align on next steps. We can take action immediately and shift dollars when we see something performing really well,” Singleton said.

HFC also uses a brand dashboard to see how each of its ten brands are performing against their goals and expectations. “I can look at lead flow, cost per lead, and other indicators across each brand to see how we’re pacing. That lets me provide each appropriate team with the direction they need to move the needle,” Singleton said.

The marketing team also uses Domo to create a better understanding of the customer journey from initial interest to final sale. “We recently had a new campaign that generated really great lead flow, so it looked like we were creating a major impact. But using Domo, we were able to quickly see the lead conversion rate wasn’t as high as we wanted to see. This enabled our team to decrease the spend towards the campaign so we weren’t wasting dollars on something that was generating leads but not sales,” Singleton said.

Before Domo, we would have this sort of information maybe once a quarter. Now we can see all that information with a click of a button and take action immediately.”

Maximizing the impact of Domo.

Given the sheer size and scope of HFC, the company often has to carefully pick and choose who gets to use a specific platform so that it can conserve its limited licenses. But with Domo’s consumption-based pricing, HFC is able to leverage unlimited licenses so that everyone has access to insights.

A traditional pricing model would mean we would have to start making compromises in our data reporting and storage capabilities, along with choosing which users should have access. Those are conversations we don’t want to have,” Crane said. “The consumption model provides unlimited users and unlimited functionality without worry. The math just said it was a smart choice for us.”


“Leveraging consumption enabled us to start running Domo as an enterprise tool… By going to consumption, it’s allowed us to roll it out to the entire company so everyone can self-serve with our data, get the answers they need, and make business decisions without having to rely on others.” 

Chris Lombard | Director, BI and Foundational Systems


To ensure that every employee is able to leverage the full capabilities of Domo, HFC created an extensive training plan using on-demand video training and interactive Q&A sessions. Content was tailored to each brand so users could see how Domo works with their specific CRM.

We targeted each audience and catered content to specific needs. With the training program, we’ve really been able to drive usage and adoptions across the board,” Lombard said.

Today, users ranging from the C-suite and corporate marketing team to franchisee owners and their employees are using Domo to make better business decisions.


“Domo multiplies our impact from the top all the way down… We’ve multiplied the data going out and the number of people who can use it, and we’re able to help everybody do more in every way possible.” 

Chris Lombard | Director, BI and Foundational Systems

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