“Domo allowed us to move from being an administrative organization to a performance-based organization.”

Kristy Berry


Founded in 1997, Cenegenics provides the world’s leading Performance Health Age Management solution to help patients achieve their peak cognitive, physical, and metabolic health.



Departments using Domo

CEO/C-Suite, Marketing, Operations, Sales

Company Size

100 employees

Challenge: Cenegenics struggled to understand its business performance across its 22 US locations, leading to executives making decisions with data often weeks or months out of date.

Solution: Thanks to Domo, Cenegenics now has complete insight into operations at each clinic, delivering the real-time visibility the business needs to compete. 

Impact: Cenegenics increased its client count by 16 percent, signups by 11 percent, and revenue by 10 percent in just its first year using Domo.



Cenegenics improves its operational health with Domo

As a leader in the performance health age management industry, Cenegenics helps patients leverage data from more than 90 biomarkers to optimize their health, longevity, and performance. Just as Cenegenics helps patients leverage data to personalize their health plans, Domo gives Cenegenics the data it needs to optimize its operations.

“Everything we do as an organization is driven by data. Domo gives us insight into how we’re operating, how patients are responding to their programs, and how our services are being delivered and allows us to translate that into our business plans,” said Kristy Berry, CEO at Cenegenics.


“In our first year of Domo, we achieved a 16 percent increase in our client count, an 11 percent increase in our program signup rate, and a 10 percent increase in our revenue. Domo helped us achieve those results by making our data more accessible, transparent, and shareable,” said Roxana Boboescu, director of business intelligence at Cenegenics.

Achieving real-time insight

Before Domo, Cenegenics needed more real-time visibility into its business performance across its 22 US locations. Information was siloed across disconnected systems, requiring analysts to spend days or weeks manually gathering and analyzing data using spreadsheets.

“It would often take us two months after the fact to know what our revenue was for a month,” Berry said. “As CEO, I need to be able to make decisions about what is working and whether it’s time to pivot. You can’t do that months after the fact. It never allowed us to really be cutting edge.”

Thanks to Domo, Cenegenics now has complete insight into operations at each clinic, delivering the visibility the business needs to compete.

“The biggest transformation since we’ve started using Domo is getting all our performance centers aligned and focused on our KPIs,” Berry said. “Running a business with multiple locations, hundreds of employees, and thousands of patients requires everyone to be on the same page. Domo allowed us to unify our experience and move from being an administrative organization to a performance-based organization.”


Making data accessible with Domo Everywhere

Today, Domo is used across Cenegenics to monitor revenue, patient outcomes, clinic operations, and more, giving executives and managers a real-time pulse of the business.

“Domo allowed us to create a cultural mind shift and be really data-driven by allowing us to be more transparent with data,” Boboescu said.

Cenegenics used Domo to create a dashboard measuring each clinic’s progress across six core KPIs. Performance can be easily compared over different time periods and with other locations to give executives, physicians, coaches, and patient coordinators all the information they need to improve performance.

“Domo Everywhere allowed us to create a single dashboard for all our performance centers that is embedded in the platform they are already using to conduct patient care. It’s easy for them to have it right there and available instead of logging into a different platform,” said Boboescu.

A CEO dashboard allows Berry to monitor operations in real time while ensuring she sees the same data as leaders in other departments. “Domo allows us to do what each of us need to do in our respective areas to run the business while ensuring we speak the same language,” Berry said. “I’m able to monitor trends across top-line revenue, revenue per employee, customer acquisition costs, patient retention, and more. Domo gives me a holistic view of the business.”

Improving patient care while optimizing inventory

Cenegenics uses Domo to monitor the patient load for its physicians and coaches to improve its patient care. “We have 25 coaches across the country serving almost 4,000 patients, so we need the ability to manage patient loads,” said Rudy Inaba, vice president of performance health at Cenegenics. “I use Domo to identify where we need to recruit new performance health coaches to better serve our clients.”

Cenegenics also uses Domo to monitor and improve the patient experience. For example, the company can see how patients respond to different communication efforts across text, phone calls, email, and the Cenegenics app, allowing them to focus on the channels that drive the most engagement for each patient. The company can also analyze which products and services are used most across different physicians and locations, allowing the company to allocate resources appropriately.


“By looking at our trends, it gives our coaches the ability to ask certain questions and get patients to engage more so we can drive better service,” Inaba said. “By creating deeper connections with patients, we can create stickier engagements that drive a longer retention rate, which is essential to driving revenue as a membership-based organization.”

Cenegenics also uses Domo to carefully track its product inventory, ensuring it always keeps the right products on the shelves. “By monitoring usage, I can estimate what our depletion rate is going to be and get ahead of it with ordering,” said Misha Vansluis, director of purchasing and procurement at Cenegenics. “I can also monitor expiration dates so we can create different promotional initiatives, allowing us to reduce spoilage.”


By better understanding how each physician uses specific products, Cenegenics can now order exactly what it needs, when it needs it, reducing its inventory costs.


“With our on-time ordering system, it helps us optimize our cash flow while ensuring we reorder in time so we have the products we need on the shelf. Domo lets us know if there are specific physicians who are fans of specific products so we don’t have to worry about product availability.”

Misha Vansluis | Director of purchasing and procurement


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