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Domo vs. Toucan Toco

The number of data analysis platforms available in today’s business market is astounding. There are hundreds—if not thousands—of platforms available. For business teams, this makes finding a solution that’s perfectly suited for their business incredibly overwhelming—especially when many of these platforms appear to be similar. 

Below, we’ll show you how Domo compares to Toucan Toco.


What is Toucan Toco?

The company offers a cloud-based, end-to-end data analytics platform that contains eight tools that span from data preparation and integration to analysis and security. The platform emphasizes simplicity and speed, supporting businesses in their attempts to democratize data and unlock insights.

What is Domo?

Domo is one of the only fully cloud-based business management suites on the market. In addition to data analysis and visualization, Domo’s platform also features tools for project management, collaboration, security, and more. 

Domo is designed to help organizations gather, analyze, and transform data stored across databases and repositories into focused and detailed graphs, reports, and dashboards to unlock new business opportunities.

Domo aggregates data from various back-end systems in order to provide teams with holistic views of business performance, revenue, KPIs, and more. With comprehensive views of all business metrics and KPIs, decision-makers can easily view real-time data and make rapid, informed decisions in order to capitalize on new opportunities.


Comparing Key Features

Toucan Toco and Domo are both cloud-based, end-to-end data analytics platforms that appear to be incredibly similar in function. However, a more granular look into the features and tools in both platforms reveals key differentiators. 

Feature Domo Toucan Toco
Cloud-based Yes Yes
Connectors Yes (1,000+) Yes (100)
Configurable charts Yes Yes (limited number)
Custom visualizations Yes (for any user) No
Predictive analysis Yes No
App-building capabilities Yes No
Governance Yes Yes (limited)

Custom visualizations

Within Toucan Toco is Storytelling Studio, the company’s data visualization tool. Here, users can transform raw data into powerful stories and visualizations using charts, reports, and dashboards. Studio’s chart library features a number of business charts that are ideal for most business use cases, and each contains numerous options for configuration.

However, the tool does not currently allow for custom visualization. While the solution does work with third-party platforms, this makes creating custom, business-specific data visualizations incredibly difficult. 

Domo, on the other hand, allows users to easily create custom visualizations. Users can easily adjust charts and reports as needed with Domo tools. This includes adding custom layouts, colors, and commentary—all with no coding.

Data visualization charts

Currently, Toucan Toco features only 20 business charts within the Storytelling Studio feature. 

With Domo, users have access to more than 150 business charts and over 7,000 custom maps, and each one allows for additional customization as users can adjust the color scheme, layout, commentary, and more—all with little to no coding. This allows business teams to create the type of visualizations that clearly and accurately represent business data.

Data connectors

Both Toucan Toco and Domo feature pre-built data connectors that allow business teams to connect data from across disparate systems. 

However, Toucan Toco currently has 100 pre-built connectors. This means teams may not have immediate access to necessary connectors, which may force them to build their own connectors—a time-consuming and complicated process. 

Domo has over 1,000 data connectors. Business teams looking to centralize data can easily transfer data using any of Domo’s pre-built connectors which saves teams valuable time and effort.


Currently, Toucan Toco does not provide forecasting reports. Instead, users must connect their predictive analytics tool to Toucan Toco’s monitoring app and monitor it themselves. 

Domo’s forecasting tools, on the other hand, help businesses with churn, pattern recognition, future demand, trends, resource allocation, and more. With Domo’s intelligent, robust tools, business teams are able to cut through complex data and focus on future opportunities. Plus, with Domo’s alert features, users will be alerted when metrics change or predictions are ready, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.



Despite Toucan Toco’s capabilities, users don’t have the critical business tools needed for today’s always-on environment. The low number of charts and data connectors and no forecasting tools limit users’ ability to gather and analyze data, make critical business decisions, and predict future demand.   

Domo allows all users, regardless of their technical skill, to gather, analyze, and report on data in just a few clicks. With easy access to thousands of data connectors and intelligent forecasting tools, users can easily access critical data needed for business growth and future demand. Plus, each of Domo’s tools can be used with little to no coding and allows users to delve deeper into data than ever before.



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