Accelerate your business with analytics.

Make analytics accessible with interactive, customizable dashboards that tell a story with real-time data.

Next-level reporting and dashboards.

Get access to real-time insights.
Create automated reporting and distribute insights to teams—all in a simple interface.
Provide personalized experiences.
Guide people through analysis with customized, interactive data stories that support data storytelling with a connected narrative.
Make better decisions.
Benefit from real-time insights and on-the-fly analytics on any mobile device and leverage real-time alerts that signal call for action.

Know you have the latest data.

No more stale data. Move from reactive reporting to proactive insights by getting real-time access to business metrics.

Empower closer collaboration. Facilitate a truly connected business by equipping everyone with data insights to make confident decisions.

Enable data-driven decisions. Whether you sit in marketing, sales, finance, IT, or the C-suite, put data at the forefront of your business operations.

Domo has simplified our reporting process. Instead of pulling together three or four different sources for reporting, it’s coming from one place. It’s helped us tell the story quicker, and it looks good as well.

Nigel Pannett | Managing Director, Investment Manager & Agribusiness Specialist

Provide custom views quickly.

Customize your views. Tailor your dashboards based on business metrics you care about or add your own custom filters to team reporting.

Put data to work, faster. Quickly spin up dashboards and automated reporting with no technical experience needed.

Securely deliver data insights. Ensure teams have access to the right data so they can self-serve, while governing access to data that should be secured.

We really like the ability to create custom dashboards with varying levels of access across the organization for a specific team or a specific individual’s performance indicators, and they can use that to help make decisions every day. We’re making better decisions faster because of Domo, which is a huge competitive advantage.

Dean Jones | CEO, Glam Corner

Provide data just in time.

Enable self-service BI. Equip your teams to visualize and analyze data through Domo’s intuitive interface to make smarter decisions.

Manage by exception. Know immediately when data changes and action is required with custom alerts.

Access your data anywhere. Interact with your dashboards from your computer, tablet, or device for real-time insights anytime, any place.

If you have a question, there’s probably already a dashboard that has the answer.

Steve Brownlee | Associate Director of Business Intelligence, Walker Edison

Increase data utilization while maintaining security and governance.

Add security down to the row level with Personalized Data Permissions.

2FA, SSO integration, event logging, and BYOK encryption.

View data lineage and perform data impact analysis.

Ensure quality data with Content Certification.

Automatic back-end scaling to billions of records and thousands of users.

The Domo Business Cloud is where work gets done faster and smarter.

Domo can help you harness the power of your data with apps to drive business action.

Reporting & Dashboards

Create interactive, custom dashboards with ease.

Self-service Analytics

Make data accessible to all and free up analysts' time.

Data Sharing & Embedded Analytics

Share analytics securely with customers and partners.

Data Apps

Provide teams with data apps to solve business problems.

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