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Domo vs. Klipfolio

Domo is a fully cloud-based business intelligence and data analytics platform that revolutionizes the way businesses interact with data. Utilizing robust tools powered by AI and machine learning, the solution gathers data from across the enterprise and centralizes it onto a single platform. Here, users can drill deeper into data than ever before, enabling them to make rapid, data-driven decisions with ease.

With access to Domo’s vast library of data visualization and analysis tools, users can create custom dashboards, reports, and applications that tell powerful visual stories. These stories can be shared and collaborated on with users both inside and outside of the organization anytime, anywhere, from any device. Domo’s modern and intelligent BI platform allows business teams to integrate, interpret, and utilize data to drive decisions and accelerate growth across the entire organization.

Klipfolio is a cloud-based data analytics platform. The solution allows business teams to gather, share, and display data in real-time and enables users to track and visualize business metrics, KPIs, and other valuable data. Additionally, users can create meaningful data visualizations using Klipfolio’s data analysis and visualization tools.


A closer look into Domo

Inside the Domo platform is a myriad of tools designed to democratize data, break down siloes, and socialize business goals. And with world-class security and compliance, business leaders and executives can rest easy knowing data is kept secure and protected no matter where it travels.

The platform features a number of tools that can be used to build custom business applications, automate manual or time-consuming workflows, enhance marketing and sales efforts, and more. All this is done by providing users with rapid and straightforward access to business data and insights.

Domo’s capabilities

Data integration: Domo’s data integration tools allow businesses to easily connect to and integrate data from multiple sources. The solution features more than 1,000 pre-built connectors, SQL scripts for advanced data transformations, and robust data pipelines and workflows—all designed to unite business data.

BI and analytics: Domo’s self-service analytics platform turns static data into real-time actionable insights and live visualizations. Users have access to Domo’s vast library of data visualization and analysis tools that include 150 customizable charts, 7,000 custom maps, automated data discovery tools, natural language queries, curated data stories, and more.

Intelligent apps: Using Domo’s rich data visualizations, reports, and scorecards, users can create custom applications using Domo’s Intelligent App Framework. The framework contains robust tools, including AppDB, LDAP/SAML directories, charting engine, app widgets, and more. Here, users can build purpose-driven applications that deliver exciting new experiences to both users and customers.

Embedded analytics: With Domo Everywhere, users are able to share the valuable insights gained from data integration and analysis with both customers and partners via visualizations, dashboards, and reports. Insights can easily be embedded into a website, application, or portal using iFrame and JavaScript.

Collaboration: Users will enjoy on-the-spot, seamless collaboration with Domo’s suite of collaboration tools. From real-time alerts and action items to Domo’s built-in messaging platform Buzz, users can stay up-to-date on any changes to data or projects.

Security: Domo has built-in security features that comprise every layer of the platform. Features such as SAML-based SSO, security profiles, multi-factor authentication, IP address restrictions, and customizable data permissions, all business data remains secure, compliant, and protected—down to individual rows.


A closer look into Klipfolio

Klipfolio’s online data analysis platform allows users to build real-time data dashboards. It can easily connect to a number of data sources and centralize it in a single location. Users can then manipulate and visualize data using the platform’s intelligent dashboards and share their insights with fellow colleagues.

Klipfolio’s capabilities

PowerMetrics: Klipfolio’s BI tool allows users to connect to data sources, import data, and visualize it into dashboards, charts, or reports. PowerMetrics also features real-time data tracking, date and filter options, and calculated metrics. Users can also modify and track data as needed.

Klips: Klips is Klipfolio’s dashboard building tool. The solution features pre-built data visualization templates that can be further customized, reporting tools, data visualization tools, and data modeling.


What makes Domo stand out

While both Domo and Klipfolio are intelligent data analysis and visualization platforms, Domo provides users with significantly more—from predictive analytics and forecasting to collaboration and security.

Feature Domo Klipfolio
Data Connectors Yes-1,000+ Yes-300+
Self-Service Yes No
Mobile-friendly Yes-Designated mobile app+ Yes-No mobile app
Beginner friendly Yes Yes
Collaboration Yes No
Security Yes-End-to-end protection Yes-Third-party host
Predictive analytics Yes No
Forecasting Yes No
Visualization Yes-7,000 custom maps and 150+ chart types Yes-fewer map and chart options
Big data capabilities Yes No

Here are just some of the distinguishing features that make Domo stand out:

  • Klipfolio has around 300 data connectors. Domo has triple the amount with over 1,000 connectors, allowing users to easily connect to disparate data sources.
  • Domo is a self-service data platform, meaning that all users, regardless of their technical skill, can easily access business data, perform data transformations, create visualizations, and more with little to no IT help.
  • While the Klipfolio platform can be accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, Klipfolio’s mobile experience is not as advanced as Domo’s. The Domo mobile app allows users to perform routine business tasks, including scheduling meetings, accessing customer information, and performing data visualizations, all from their mobile device.
  • Domo’s ease of use is unparalleled. With its intuitive user interface and easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools, users can perform even complex data analysis tasks with no assistance from IT.
  • Klipfolio can only be used for data integration, analysis, and visualization. Domo goes a step further and allows for real-time, seamless collaboration via its built-in messaging feature, automated alerts and reports, and collection of project management tools.
  • The Klipfolio platform hosts all business data and applications with Amazon Web Services (AWS). While AWS has scalable and reputable security, the Domo platform has security built-in to every layer. Data is kept secure and protected via the secure framework which features multiple security layers, role-based access controls, threat assessments, and more.
  • Currently, Klipfolio does not feature predictive analytics or forecasting. Domo features automatic data discovery which constantly scans data for correlations, distribution, outlier detection, and more.
  • Domo’s data visualization and analysis tools are more extensive, featuring over 7,000 custom maps and more than 150 chart types, providing users with more flexibility and freedom when building data models.
  • The Domo platform provides users with the speed, power, and flexibility needed to manage large, disparate datasets.


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The amount of data available to businesses is rapidly increasing; Statista predicts that by 2025, businesses worldwide will have produced 180 zettabytes of data. Businesses looking to capitalize on this overwhelming amount of data need both the power, speed, and flexibility of Domo as well as unbeatable support.

From our extensive and active online community to our suite of free training modules, business teams have access to all the resources needed to leverage the full power of data and the Domo platform. And our support team is available 24/7, ready to answer any questions regarding our platform and tools.



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