Move on-premise data securely into Domo

Businesses have spent billions of dollars on legacy on-premise data centers. These systems house important data, but it isn’t easily accessible to the decision makers who need it most.

Sound familiar? If so, Workbench will be your friend. Workbench provides a secure, client-side solution for uploading your on-premise data to Domo.

"I have 34 different types of data that run through Domo’s Workbench every single night. With Domo, I’ve been able to increase exponentially the amount of information that is available to satisfy needs."

Melissa Davis | Director of Information Systems, Ogio

Access on-premise data

Workbench allows enterprises to access and upload on-premise data (e.g. ODBC, XML, Excel, JIRA, QuickBooks, etc.) so that it can be analyzed and assessed to help improve your business.

Protect sensitive information

Worried about data that requires special handling (e.g. PII, PHI, HIPPA)? Workbench even allows you to either permanently de-identify data, or encrypt then decrypt once it’s in Domo.

Get status notifications

Workbench provides you the ability to set alerts on the success or failure of a job. In either case a notification can be sent to pre-defined users.

Load big data

Have you accumulated significant amounts of data in your data centers? No problem. Workbench is the perfect on premise cloud solution, designed to allow loading of tens of millions of rows in a single job.

Domo features.

Domo is the only platform capable of bringing your business, and all the data it relies on, together in one place.


Know when to take action.


Choose your views.

Card Builder

Visualize data any way you want.

Connector Library

Choose from more than 350.


Tell the story in your data.


Collaborate where your data lives.


Cleanse, combine, and transform your data.


Manage your business from anywhere.


Understand where everyone fits in.


Get information to those who need it.


Get organized. Get more done.


Move on-premise data securely into Domo.

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