Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Domo Launches Interactive Election Tracker to Make Polling Data Accessible and Consumable

Led by data curiosity, Domo layers static polling data with other relevant data sources to give a holistic view of data on the 2020 presidential election

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – October 20, 2020 – Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) today announced the launch of the Domo Election Tracker, a free, interactive resource with polling data and other relevant data sources on this year’s presidential election. Following Domo’s launch of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Tracker, the Election Tracker is yet another example of Domo’s mission to encourage curiosity around data and its sources.

The Election Tracker was borne from the curiosity of Domo’s public insights team – the team responsible for the Coronavirus Global Tracker – as they explored data and insights relative to the 2020 election. Two dominant questions arose from this exploration: How can the public better understand the relationship of current polling to that of polling at the same point in the 2016 cycle – given the polling in 2016 often differed from the final result; and could Domo share these polling insights alongside other core coronavirus tracker data?

As an award-winning data platform for its ease-of-use, powerful data engine and interactive visualizations, Domo is built to allow users to quickly ingest new data and combine with existing data. The Domo public insights team quickly pulled in 2020 and 2016 presidential polling data, alongside political campaign contributions and blended those data sources with existing coronavirus data. The team leveraged Domo’s internal ETL tools, interactive visualizations and custom-built apps to create the Election Tracker.

This free resource uses the Domo platform to help anyone see and understand data around this year’s presidential election, and also enables users to embed any of the visualizations in their own websites or operations. In addition, the Election Tracker includes a Data Explorer feature, which enables users to filter to a specific state or day, sort the data and export the metrics behind the interactive visualizations. Users can also drill down to view state-level details of campaign contributions, unemployment claims and COVID-19 metrics such as mortality and new cases.

“The Domo platform was designed to encourage and empower data curiosity and exploration. Domo’s work with the Coronavirus Tracker has shown the power of smart data insights shared with the public and our customer base, and the Election Tracker is an extension of the work Domo has done around the state of 2020. By taking static data around polling, campaign contributions and COVID-19 activity, Domo brings that data together in a consumable, intuitive and accessible format. It is our hope that users can interact with this data with curiosity, creativity and objectivity,” said Ben Schein, vice president of data curiosity at Domo.

The Election Tracker updates every hour with aggregated polling data compiled by FiveThirtyEight from over 250 pollsters. Financial campaign contributions to candidate campaigns is also updated every hour from the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) website at the individual donor level to allow for summaries by state. Data on COVID-19 new cases, deaths and weekly unemployment claims comes from Domo’s existing coronavirus tracker, which includes sources such as Johns Hopkins University, Worldometer and Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED).

To access the free tracker, visit: www.domo.com/election/

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