Monday, April 19, 2021

Domo Launches Global COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker

New free resource introduced to keep public up to date on worldwide COVID-19 recovery efforts

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) today announced the launch of the Domo COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker to make domestic and international vaccination data easily accessible, understandable and actionable for all. Domo’s Vaccination Tracker has been added to the company’s free interactive Coronavirus Global Tracker, which has had more than 3 million page views to date. The Coronavirus Tracker has also been used by nearly 800 Domo customers in combination with their own business data to understand how to operate in this dynamically changing environment.

Domo’s COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker offers worldwide insights on the number of fully vaccinated individuals per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Our World In Data, a scientific online publication that focuses on large global problems such as poverty, disease, hunger, climate change, war, existential risks, and inequality. The Vaccination Tracker, which is now live, shares the number of people globally that are vaccinated, and will evolve in the coming weeks to offer predictions on herd immunity and the pace at which immunizations must continue in the U.S., for example, to achieve it.

“As the world starts to see light at the end of the tunnel from this global pandemic, our team looked at additional ways to leverage data for public good. Today’s update meant finding sources that would help others quickly understand how worldwide vaccination data can impact their communities and the rapidly changing environment. We hope that the addition of the COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker will help inform organizations through the critical decisions and actions needed to get us closer to the end of this tunnel,” said Ben Schein, vice president of data curiosity at Domo.

This new addition to Domo’s Coronavirus Global Tracker speaks to the agility of Domo’s modern BI platform in rapidly adapting to new data sources and providing actionable insights. People can interact with the data that is relevant to them, and organizations can input or embed the tool as a whole to better understand and respond to the rapidly changing environment.

To explore Domo’s new Vaccinations and Testing page on the Coronavirus Global Tracker, visit here.

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