Iot Device Fleet Management

Understand your customers’ product usage with device data.

Get more impact from your device data by using it to understand how your customers are using your product, improve product performance, and even monetize new services. With the Fleet Management App, you can watch your fleet over time and see metrics for a single device or full fleet.

Sales Commission Transparency App

Help sales teams understand how commissions are paid.

Give sales teams transparency into what they have been paid and how their commissions are structured, with a view into sales goals, paycheck summaries, and goal calculators.


Accurately forecast sales with an intuitive interface customized to your business.

Sales Managers get clear visibility into where they will land and see all the numbers roll up by their team, along with stats around how their individual reps commonly perform.


Customize and configure your scheduling process based on the needs of your business.

Input all of the complex information on availability of staff, working locations, and consumable inventory to more easily display and share with customers as well as monitor for yourself.

Shorten the time from insight to action with apps.

Act on data faster using pre-built apps, or create custom solutions using our low-code app tools.

Use data apps to get work done.

Domo’s data apps combine all your data, analytics, BI, and workflows into engaging experiences that are easy to use and power business outcomes.

Connect the gaps in your business.
Grow capabilities by making data from any part of your business available for apps: from proprietary systems, clouds, and beyond.
Make processes more efficient.
Combine data from other apps and sources, write data between systems and build in automated next steps.
Build new workflows.
Combine workflows and analytics to build tailored apps for specialized roles or purposes–and roll them out in record time.

See how Domo customers are putting apps to work.

Driving revenue using a customized map visualization.

Driving revenue using a customized map visualization.


The Utah Jazz worked with Domo to create a custom seat-by-seat visualization of their stadium that can track key revenue, sales and attendance metrics and how various conditions affect those values for each of the arena’s 19,000+ seats.


The app has allowed analysts and non-analysts alike to do data exploration, drive insights, and increase ticket sales for the Utah Jazz.

Lightning-fast invoice adjustments.

Lightning-fast invoice adjustments.


Zillow’s Draft Billing Review App allows Zillow’s team to review customer invoices in one easy-to-use location, then send adjustments automatically to the right team, so corrections are made faster.


This app provides maximum efficiency to the invoice adjustment process, allowing adjustments to be processed without manual back-and-forth between teams, and showing the impact on revenue.

Keeping a pulse on fan engagement.

Keeping a pulse on fan engagement.


ESPN’s Nielsen Social Program App allows ESPN’s team to track daily Nielsen social content ratings and fan sentiment for all their TV and streaming content, then compare the data to interactions with fans in the contact center.


The app provides ESPN with a comprehensive picture of fan sentiment, and helps the team ensure that their messaging stays on-brand and consistent throughout the entire fan experience.

Real-time store performance KPIs.

Real-time store performance KPIs.


The Telus Store Manager Dashboard App empowers retail store managers with information on store performance. The app provides a clear view of how each store is performing against goals, as well as how other stores are performing in comparison.


This app provides store managers with a real-time view of their most important KPIs, any time, from any device. Managers have instant access to mission-critical metrics to help drive performance, as well as insight to how their stores stack up against others.

Power any action.

Build or buy apps to solve for almost any business process, user or decision-making need. Check out some examples of apps built on the Domo platform.


Retail Store Performance

Monitor all aspects of your retail store operations.


Create and automate more effective communications.


Watch customer stories on data apps.

Turning a simple seating map into a revenue generator.
Shifting from prescriptive to predictive with a 360-degree view .

How it works.

Solve common challenges faster with pre-built solutions from our Domo Appstore.
Connect proprietary systems or build for specialized use cases using Domo’s low- and no-code app building tools.
Got a challenge but not sure of the solution? Let our Engineering Services team show you what’s possible.

Tools for building.

Domo provides a full App Framework to help you streamline the development process to build your own app. Find out more here.

The quickest way to begin developing on Domo’s platform using Java and Python.
App Dev Studio
Develop custom visualizations using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.
A pre-built database store your app’s business logic, including state and data.
Build easy-to-use visualizations using Phoenix, Domo’s powerful charting engine.

Explore more tools and specs in our Technical FAQ

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