CitrusAd: In retail survival goes to the smartest — Using data to drive retail media insights

CitrusAd helps retailers incorporate an auction-based advertising platform into their e-commerce operations so that brands can more effectively advertise to customers as they browse and search. This not only helps brands gain the exposure they need to get added to the cart, but helps retailers further monetize their e-commerce operations. This session will cover how CitrusAd is partnering with Domo to put cutting edge insights back into the hands of retailers and suppliers through their Citrus Insights platform that is powered by Domo.

In this session you’ll learn about:

  • How CitrusAd is creating a data driven culture internally
  • How CitrusAd is using Domo Everywhere to automatically create personalized reporting and analytics dashboards for each of its retailers and their advertisers
  • CitrusAd’s thoughts for the future of data and analytics in the world of online retail media

Adam Skinner, Chief Technology Officer, CitrusAd

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