Turning Data into Action for Your Customers

You have so much data that can help your clients. But many of them are still getting reports delivered manually, forcing them to make critical business decisions with incomplete and outdated data. Make your relationship with your clients even stronger by helping them not only collect and share real-time data but also by finding ways to help them make it actionable.

In this session, you’ll learn how Naylor Marketing Solutions and Bold Strategies have used Domo Everywhere to monetize their data and use it to find new opportunities to grow their relationships with clients. By quickly and seamlessly implementing rich data portals that help their customers and clients better understand their data, they’re using their data to strengthen the foundation of their customer relationships.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How Bold Strategies and Naylor set up data and analytics portals with Domo Everywhere
  • How they guide customers along the journey from periodic manual reporting to real-time data and analytics
  • How these portals can help discover new business and upsell opportunities


  • Dustin Bowden, Senior Director, Data Strategy and Consulting, RXA
  • Brent Reader, Director, Technology and Web Development, Bold Strategies, Inc.
  • Krista Drew, Project Manager, Naylor Marketing Solutions

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